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In a bid to further strengthen its workforce sphere and operations scale post raising USD 2.2 million funding in an over-subscribed pre-Series A round, ANS Commerce, India’s leading e-commerce enablement startup, is laying the foundation to triple the current employee headcount from 200 to 600 by FY22. The brand plans to hire talent across verticals -tech, product building, operations, and business development through multiple hiring channels.

Interested candidates can apply through online platforms such as Naukri.com, AngelList, Updazz, and Indeed, and those seeking internships can use websites such as Internshala and Letsintern. The brand also recruits interns through campus placements to enable them to build a secure future. Apart from these steady appointment channels, ANS Commerce strongly believes in the Employee Referral Programme and would leverage its features to recruit new employees.

To shortlist prospective candidates, the e-commerce enablement platform has created multiple in-house assessment and recruitment management plans. The brand is also looking forward to take assistance from new-age recruitment management platforms such as Zoho Recruit and Freshteam. Additionally, ANS Commerce has taken certain steps to reduce the impact of conscious or subconscious biases while recruiting talent and encourage equal opportunities for everyone. The hiring assessment will be based on objective tests, exercises, and assignments so that candidates can demonstrate their skills, as it will be the core criteria for recruitment. The companyis also trying to mitigate language barriers so that candidates can interact in their preferred language choice.

Furthermore, ANS Commerce has a unique buddy program to ease the onboarding process. The startup allotsa buddy to new joinees so that they can settle in without worrying about social awkwardness. The company is looking for passionate candidates who are deeply interested in the growth drive of startups, have previous startup experience, and are culturally fit.

The startup’s current employee ratio is 2:1, the male workforce being the higher number. However, it aims to aggressively recruit skilled employees and balance this equation. This entire recruitment process generally takes up to 2 months depending on the notice period of newly hired employees with their previous employers. In exceptional cases, ANS Commerce also offers buyout options to ease the notice period timeline. A meticulous and structured induction process familiarizes new employees with existing development on the work front.

Speaking on this occasion, Nakul Singh, Co-Founder ANS Commerce said, “Post raising funding for ANS Commerce, we are scaling up our headcount to drive our growth further. This is a much-awaited endeavor for us, and we are excited to share our joy with our extended families. We plan to recruit candidates from different backgrounds to enhance cultural diversity and conventional criteria such as premium colleges or big names as previous employers won’t play an instrumental role. On top of that, we have an attrition rate between 7% to 8%, marginally lower than the industry average of 10%. This simply indicates the all-inclusive work environment at ANS Commerce.”

He further added, “Though we plan to open all possible hiring channels, still over the last few years, social media has become a powerful hiring tool. Since it is one of the most impactful channels for modern-day communication, many potential employees reach out to us through these channels or our website. In fact, our best-performing employees have leveraged the power of new media channels to make their mark in front of the hiring managers. Since ANS Commerce is a fast-growing startup, we are on the lookout for intelligent and competent candidates. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what role you fit in. If the candidate brings something unique to the table that can assist our growth trajectory in moving forward, we’ll find the most suitable job role for them.”

It is pertinent to mention here that ANS Commerce successfully retained all their employees despite facing turbulent times like every other business during the pandemic outbreak. In fact, the brand recorded profits during the end of last financial year. And while ANS Commerce has gradually started conducting physical meetings in strict adherence to the COVID-19 protocols, it has also introduced a one-month mandatory leave policy to promote efficient work-life balance.

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