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PrepInsta, a startup for engineering students to be skilled for placements has announced menstrual leaves for its female employees. Amidst the scenario wherein menstruation remains taboo in society, the edtech startup has taken this step to extend care and consideration towards its employee base.

Following the announcement, female employees at the startup will now be able to avail of 2 days of additional paid leave every month. 50 % of the overall manpower at the startup is female who would now be able to avail of the benefit.

“We have always adopted an employee-first approach and we strongly believe that if one can manage to create a comfortable work environment for the employees then its growth will only pace up with time. However, what we noticed in the industry is that there was an evident lack of consideration. Therefore, we took this initiative to fill in the gap, and spark a genuine conversation. We hope to see the change in the sector and society at large,” said Mr. Atulya Kaushik, Co-Founder & CEO, PrepInsta.

“We saw most of our colleagues working smart, hard and caring about the company and we thought that the company should reciprocate too. Just like maternal and paternal leaves became a basic right of an employee in the industry. This too shall become a standard employee benefit in a decade’s time. We are just one of the few companies embracing the change earlier. The response has been positive, it’s been 6 months since it was implemented. The female employees do not disclose the reason for absence so it keeps the reason anonymous.”

We know there is a clear under-representation of women at the workplace, we want to make sure that workplace participation becomes 50-50. There’s a large difference between gender blindness and gender equality/equity. Gender blindness does not bring gender equality. We need to take additional actions/ benefits” added Atulya

The brand recently announced its aggressive expansion plan in terms of customer base, and rigorous strengthening of the leadership team. Under the employee benefits strategy, the startup is also managing its strength and focusing on the welfare of the employees simultaneously.

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