Monica Bahl, Chief Executive Officer, Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

Ms Monica Bahl, Chief Executive Officer, Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council, is a service professional with 25+ years of expérience in leadership roles involving strategic planning, organisation building, P&L Management, with 15 years of multi-functional expérience in business Management & Development. A visionary with verifiable year after year progress in achieving growth objectives of the start-up projects & in making the projects successful.

Covid-19, an ongoing global pandemic, has made us all realise the importance of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing for a holistic living. This change in the perspective has also fuelled wellness business opportunities worth pursuing in today’s time & space. According to a research conducted by Global Wellness Institute, the Wellness Industry is valued at $4.5 trillion globally & is continuing to grow at a historic rate.

Wellness as a whole has undergone a digital transformation, thus increasing the affordability and an easy access to the best wellness experts & trainers. In addition to the wellness industry being one of the fastest growing industry, the latest developments & innovations in the field of technology are further opening new doors for the last mile reach.

An increased awareness about holistic & peaceful living has sparked an unprecedented interest in Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda & so on. The rising rates of obesity, co-morbidities & other lifestyle related diseases is increasing the demand for wellness products & services in India & outside India. The largest demographic contributor to this increasing demand is the younger generation, also known as millennials. The Millennial generation is not only health-conscious but is demanding a complete package so as to live life king size. When it comes to wellness, this generation is ready to put their disposable income to work, thus funnelling the growth of the Wellness Industry. Thus rise in demand for services like nutrition consulting, yoga training, fitness coaching has created a wide range of career opportunities being pursued by young Indians.

Top 5 Wellness business opportunities sufficing the emerging trends that start-up entrepreneurs have already turned into a profitable business venture in current times are:

         Online Nutrition consultation & app ;

A DIET & NUTRITION APP; This profession can be very profitable for you; if you acquire a complete training program and a professional background, you can launch your app offering online diet advising. From the comfort of their own homes, you can help people lose weight and get into shape, as well as help them live a healthy lifestyle. In order for them to take diet and nutrition plans, they simply have to download your app and register with you. In addition to weight loss and weight gain services that you can offer, you can also create customized diet plans that suit your clients’ routines and lifestyles. It is possible to alter the way of life of an individual and create habits that can last a lifetime

         Online Fitness consultation & fitness app ;

Fitness companies are seeing good growth as more gyms move online. Major industry players are moving their platforms online to survive. Major industry players are offering indoor workout guidance and outdoor workout guidance through audio and video. As part of their packages, these companies even include on-demand video workouts. Online consultations are the next step for businesses offering fitness, wellness, and healthcare services

         Online Yoga training

Yoga is one form of exercise that does not require much equipment for exercise and workouts. And that definitely helps reduce the overall cost of running the business.Students can connect with their favorite yogis on their own schedule.

You can have a global reach and build an audience accordingly as you create an online community. As you start your online yoga classes, you won’t have to depend on having a space and you can even to it from the luxury of your home or a neighbourhood park, your rooftop or balcony, it’s that easy. It puts you in charge and lets you focus on helping your audience.

By offering yoga training online you bring together a global community and help an endless number of people, you can monetize social media and generate passive income.

         Sell Nutrition & Wellness products online

By selling wellness products online you can make a great start towards doing your own business. Regardless of age, most people need to take some kind of dietary supplement or vitamin since they do not get everything from food alone.

Health Products” can refer to a variety of items, including dietary supplements, herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, soluble fiber, or omega fatty acids. The benefits of these health products include:Increasing energy, Weight management, Helping digestion, Mood and memory enhancement, Physical fitness and workout recovery, Immune support, Nutrition and overall health, They’re easy to store, pack, and ship since they’re compact, lightweight,

Online shoppers will become your loyal and regular clients as many of these products need to be taken on a regular basis, so make sure you provide an excellent experience and offer competitive prices too. Before starting your venture you must research the market to identify trends and choose a niche. You can choose to specialize in any of these areas while also operating under the niches of “organic”, “vegan”, or “plant-based” products.

         Wellness blog

If you consider yourself an expert in the health and wellness field, create a blog dedicated to all things health and wellness. Take the time to collaborate with brands and influencers in your industry so you can form lasting connections and increase your brand exposure.

In today’s time, consumer spending on services & products whose primary aim is to help us achieve wellness pathways of growth & nourishment and rest & rejuvenation is on an all time high. This encompasses 4 important subsectors: self-improvement, meditation & mindfulness, yoga &; fitness, senses &; sleep. Personal spending both in terms of time & money, associated with physical activities during leisure &; recreation involving technology, equipment, nutritious food and clothing & apparel is the new mantra for the millennial generation.

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