Sakshi Bawa, Founder, Mutt Of Course

Sakshi was born and raised in New Delhi. Sakshi has a masters in English Literature from Delhi University and more than a decade of experience working as a consultant with several brands in the pet industry, helping them with growth, product development and marketing strategies. Sakshi has two rescued indie dogs at home and started Mutt of course to address the gap for fun, fashionable and safe products for all pets, irrespective of their breed, colour and age.


‘Are you a dog person or a cat person?’ is a rather typical conversation starter which supposedly tells a lot about your personality. With a whole generation who judges a stranger on the basis of their preferred pet, it is of no surprise that pets are placed quite high in their list of priorities. Pets are like one’s own children. That debate aside, pet parenting is something millennials take very seriously. Let it be pet care, grooming, or even pet fashion: pet parents want only the best for their goodest pets. This attitude of pet owners is responsible for the colossal developments in the pet fashion industry recently. When the customers demand, the market provides. How much potential the pet fashion industry holds has recently been realized by entrepreneurs. Here are some emerging trends in pet fashion that are taking over the market. 

Pop Culture Merchandise

What the pet parents are fanatical about eventually reflects in the pet fashion they tend to buy. This aspect of fandom culture may sound excessive to some. Nevertheless, a dog walking in a park wearing the jersey of its owner’s favourite movie series is not a rare sight. It is amusing for pet owners to buy pop culture merchandise for their pets, dress them up and post their fashionable pictures online. Many companies are manufacturing products related to popular culture. Going to town on pet styling is something that millennials with increased spending capacity partake in every now and then. That their pets share their love for a fictional character or a cinematic universe is something they take pride in exhibiting. After all, there is no need for pet fashion to be behind in the times of personalized and customized services available so readily. For example, a pet’s sweater with the symbol and in the colors of their favourite Hogwarts house, a collar with their name embroidered on it, blankets and beds with a quirky dialogue printed on them – one that matches the pet’s personality, bowls with a quirky pun on it, and so much more. 


A trend that has gained popularity on social media is that of twinning your outfits with your pet. It is not an easy thing to procure clothes or accessories in the same print or color for both humans and pets, unless a brand is offering that service. Such brands are far and few and that is exactly what gives this trend a certain exclusivity. As if considered as a parameter to test the strength of bond that you and your pet share, this trend has made people go lengths to arrange similar outfits. These make great gifts for the birthdays of pets or themed photoshoots with the pets, some more activities that have risen to popularity in the recent past. Everyone loves their pets and they express this love in different ways. While some stay lowkey, others happily go over the top with the fashion choices they make for themselves and for their pets. 


Pet accessories are not just for fashion but often a practical solution to make pet parents’ lives easier. Harnesses, leashes, collars, toys, hygiene products, etc. are a necessity of every pet parent. But some make it a point to make quirky products that not only offer an optimal solution but also enhance the appearance of their pets. There are a lot of options to choose from and personalization is also possible to a great extent. Products can be tailor made for your pet, according to their size, temperament and, of course, the choice of their parents. You can get the name of your pet embroidered on accessories to make them even more special. These products need to fit the pets perfectly and the quality must also be superior. But past these basic requirements, pet owners have various requests of how they want to customize the products. Innovative quirky ideas are met with overwhelming response in this market. The more personal and fun products get more popularity among the pet parents and their friends.

Social Media Presence

The influence of social media on the younger generation is known far and wide. Millennials and GenZ feel the compulsive need to post what is happening in their lives on various social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. So naturally their pets make frequent appearances on social media. To make these appearances fun, pets are often dressed in fun costumes, matching outfits or in accordance with what is trending. Pet fashion is highly impacted by these viral trends and steers the market to some extent. Creating content with the pets is highly encouraged as it gets more engagement by other pet owners or just people who like to consume similar content. Pets being featured in videos and vlogs of famous creators is a frequent phenomenon. In fact, there are a few pets who have their own accounts, dedicated to themselves and these accounts too have a massive following. Pet owners often try to dress and style their pets like those of influencers. Thus, it can be said that social media plays a very vital role in the pet fashion industry.  

All of these trends that gain immense popularity and are followed zealously by the masses show one thing that people consider their pets as an integral part of their family and an extension of their own personality. What a pet should look like is solely decided by the pet parents and they take full liberty to project their inclinations and aversions on their pets. According to statistics, pet fashion is a booming industry that’s only showing growing capacity in the future. The love of pet owners finds a way to be expressed through gifts in the form of clothes and accessories. Nothing can come close to the joy they feel when they’re with their pets. So it is understandable why pet parents are ready to go great lengths to find just the right products for their beloved pet. With all the grace, elegance, quirk and suave that these stylish pets add to this world only makes it a better place! 

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