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Unveiling its various innovations and technological developments, Elanpro, Gurgaon based commercial refrigerator company, participates in one of the most significant Food and Hospitality events in India, AAHAR. Staying true to the philosophy of advancement and driven by an overarching mission to offer world-class tech-enabled products, the company unveiled various products tailored to the needs of food & hospitality industry at large. Elanpro products can be seen at Booth no. 2, Hall no. 11 at the 36th edition of AAHAR – an International Food & Hospitality Fair is organized by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Driven towards industry trends Elanpro showcases a range of commercial refrigerators and freezers in India on the first day of the event. They also launched Scooping parlour at the event, offering a newly designed aesthetic product to the ice-cream industry. Additionally, giving a boost to the food and hospitality sector, the company unveiled Vertical Combi, a combination of chiller and freezer.

Constant revolution and improvisation in the cold chain have been Elanpro’s core focus area; keeping the commitment in mind, Elanpro’s team has acquired a ‘Smart Monitoring System- Thingif(y) smart hub’ from Thingif(y).

Mr Sanjay Jain, Director at Elanpro, said, “We are delighted to participate in AAHAR and expand our presence amongst other industry leaders. The success of AAHAR in the previous years has brought various industry experts under one roof. These large-format events bring multiple opportunities for the brand like understanding the industry scenario, consumer needs and various technological developments. It also drives significant opportunities for new entrants in this industry. We at Elanpro are looking forward to growing our business and strengthening our presence.

Since the pandemic, we observed our business was at a sound stage, but we are aiming to expand by leaps and bounds by adding new products and clientele to our portfolio, this year. We focus on emphasizing and supporting the ‘Make in India’ initiative and entering into a manufacturing hub. Our latest product launches and innovations are a set example that we at Elanpro are thriving to lead our business exponentially and become a market leader in this industry.”

Maintaining the elegance of the ice cream parlour, Elanpro introduced Ice- cream Scooping Parlour. As the summer heats up and the demand for ice cream grows, the vendor must retain the quality of the ice creams by preserving them in the finest freezers. Scooping Parlour is a glass top freezer ensuring our consumers are able to view the product from far or near. In addition, its storage tray is well-spaced, allowing ice cream to be stored neatly and adequately. The storage temperature of the freezer ranges from -16 to – 24 degree Celsius.

Crafted with world-class design, the new freezer brings efficiency, quality and robust refrigeration systems that work effectively in the Indian weather conditions and expected heat waves to keep the ice-creams frozen and fresh.

Vertical Combi

A combination of Freezer and Chiller, the new product Vertical Combi offers the best chilling, helping optimum utilization of various products. Embedded with a dual compressor and digital controller, the new Vertical Combi maintains the product’s freshness. Adding best to its specifications, the newly launched product is designed with triple pane heated glass enhancing the visibility & avoid the condensation. Furthermore, it is appropriately structured and designed with low depth for a small-format store, allowing maximum SKU on display.

The product is available with various variants, it is energy-efficient and cost-effective, propelling the food and hospitality industry significantly.

Cold Room – Glass Door

Elanpro also unveiled a sustainable, economical solution for Food Retailers, Liquor stores, introducing India’s one of its kind Cold Room – Glass Door. The unique feature embedded in the product is the back door which allows the loading and unloading of the product. The vendor can effectively load from the back door when the customer is accessing the front door. The standard chiller takes time to pull down when new stock is loaded, while in this, the extra inventory is pre-cooled and thus always ready for sales. Adding more to its credibility, the product is designed with a 100% glass finish, enabling users to get a complete visibility. Flexible shelving and efficient storage make chilled and frozen food well-arranged and attractive.

‘Smart Monitoring System- Thingif(y) smart hub’

Showcasing their new technology and efficiency in the commercial refrigerators and freezers, the company has stepped aggressively toward technological progression. The Cold Chain has become a necessity in agriculture, food, and the medical industry. Appropriate, adequate, efficient storage and tech-enabled features like temperature monitoring technology are highly required to maintain the product’s efficacy. Keeping at par with new fad, Elanpro acquired a ‘Smart Monitoring System- Thingif(y) smart hub’ from Thingif(y). According to the UN data, insufficient and inappropriate cold chain storage has resulted in the wastage of over 40% of food produced in India. The inability to monitor environmental controls such as temperature, pressure, humidity, volume, etc., has also contributed to the wastage of both foods and medical products.

Thingif(y) is an AI-enabled temperature monitoring system which is an ideal solution to drive the future of the cold chain. The monitoring system will help detect temperature, humidity or pressure, optimize power consumption, and offer a cooler monitoring solution for preventive maintenance.

Thingif(y) is a modular interface that adapts to the needs and requirements of the products. With AI-powered intelligence and an intelligent gateway, the configuration of rules and alerts can be set accordingly and managed via mobile application. It shares in any variation through text messages, emails, or WhatsApp. In addition, it collects data from a wide range of sensors to deliver essential insights and aids in real-time decision making.

A modular, scalable, and interoperable solutions platform Thingif(y) also has applications in multiple other industries, including supply chain, retail, and blood banks. This platform is a solution-driven by Elanpro to give better and more efficient cold chain storage contributing to the development of the Indian market.

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