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Siddhant Sharma, a BTech student from IIT Dhanbad emerged as a winner for the prestigious award for innovation in Europe. Students from all over the continent participated in the competition titled “Innovate 2030 – Digital Natives for a Sustainable Future – Challenge”. It came as no surprise as the IITians are going global and there are several factors that influence their decision to build a home away from home. Be it the emerging startups in Asia or the AI backed firms in the US and Europe, the IITians are making their mark across the continents.

Especially, the Europe has proved to be a launching pad or a hotbed of innovation for young and passionate innovators travelling all the way from this part of the world to live their dreams. However, it is not even possible to think about the amount of success they have achieved without having the right pedigree to not just survive, but thrive in a competitive field. Dynamism and revolutionary concepts and technologies are enabling IITians to build the love-affair with entrepreneurship that surges beyond the boundaries. Recent developments with respect to the AI and deep-tech have been game-changing and the role of IITians in revolutionizing tech integration and expansion is second to none.

IITians are well and truly spearheading the AI revolution in India and making a healthy contribution elsewhere too. While some of them hold key positions in reputed companies, others are establishing and nurturing future-oriented firms to change the paradigm. Sairaju Ponnoju, a student of KTH Royal Institute of Technology was the joint winner of the “Innovate 2030 – Digital Natives for a Sustainable Future – Challenge”.

Since settling down in Sweden during his hay days, Sairaju has been responsible for conducting qualitative study on deploying artificial intelligence in production logistics. Another IITian and entrepreneur to have settled in Europe is Rajat Khare, founder of Luxembourg-based Boundary Holding. His company invests in AI firms bringing fourth industrial revolution. The entrepreneur and his team identify such startups that integrate advanced technologies to offer comprehensive solutions to various problems existing across different industries.

The potential of tech firms is huge, not only in developed nations, but in the developing world as well. These new-age companies are at the forefront of innovation and help in mitigating the existing as well as upcoming challenges, while also enhancing the efficiency of processes through innovation.

Earlier, the IIT connection of thriving startups was quite common in India. Unicorns making headlines every other day used to be the norm. However, now the times have changed with IITians now making a mark across other continents, particularly in Europe. There is every reason to be upbeat about the future prospects with the next-gen of IITians nurturing ideas into finished products and services.

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