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Even – a healthtech company and healthcare provider that partners directly with top hospitals to provide completely cashless, quality healthcare to its members – opened to the public in Bengaluru.

Anyone who signs up and becomes a member can avail unlimited doctor consultations and diagnostics plus a yearly hospitalization cover of ₹50 lakh. An Even member would not have to pay anything at the hospital and at the end, their hospital bill will be Rs 0. Memberships start at Rs 1500 a month.

The product launch closely follows Even’s recent partnership with leading hospital chains in Bengaluru that include Narayana Health, Fortis Hospitals, and Aster DM Healthcare. Even has received a positive and encouraging response from over 40,000 waitlisted users who had early access to its services. After the launch in their home base of Bengaluru, the company is now gearing up to launch in multiple Tier 1 cities including Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.

The subscription-based health cover aims to remove the trappings of the traditional health insurance model that comes with one too many terms & conditions in the form of co-pay, deductibles, sub-limits and so forth.

Even, which is not an insurance provider but a subscription based healthcare service, wants to give its members a straightforward way to get primary care. Its unlimited OPD services (doctor consultations and diagnostics) are a unique proposition and unheard of among existing healthcare providers.

The company plans to rid India of out of pocket healthcare expenses and mitigate illnesses early on with appropriate medical interventions with its partner hospitals. India has among the highest out of pocket health expenses in the world, which is something that proves to be a blocker in preventative care.

Speaking on the product launch, Mayank Banerjee, Co-founder and CEO, said, “We are happy to bring a kind of health cover in India that solves two critical inconsistencies in traditional healthcare models: lack of complete financial coverage which forces people to pay out of pocket and limited primary care that keeps people from visiting a doctor and keeping a more watchful eye on their health.”

Currently, Even offers two plans – Even Plus (hospitalisation and unlimited primary care) starting at INR 1500 a month and Even Lite (unlimited primary care) starting at INR 750 a month and is currently accepted at 20+ hospitals and clinics across Bengaluru.

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