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ByteLearn, an AI-powered teaching assistant for students and teachers, announced that 9Unicorns, Chiratae Ventures and Leo Capital have led a $9.5 Million Seed Round of funding in the company. The startup will utilize the funds raised for product development, global expansion and for enhancing technological capabilities.

The round also saw participation from Venture Catalysts, Goodwater Capital, Earlsfield Capital, Kettleborough VC, PitchRight Ventures, AdvantEdge VC, Srini Rai (Growthstory), Anand Chandrasekaran (Facebook, F9), Arun Tadanki (Ex-Yahoo), Vikas Choudhury (Jio), Ravi Bhushan (BrightChamps), Giri Malpani (Malpani family), Abhishek Goyal (Traxcn), Ramakant Sharma (Livpsace), Ravi Garikipati (Ex Flipkart), Saurabh Saxena (Uable), Venkatesh SarvaSiddhi (Springer Nature), Tej Kapoor (Fosun), Alok Mittal (Ex. Canaan Partners), Ashish Sharma (Innoven), Abhishek Agarwal (Facebook) among others.

ByteLearn is an AI-powered teaching assistant that guides students when they get stuck on Math problems, evaluates performance, grades tests, and enables them to learn any topic via its AI-powered tutoring engine. Besides making students independent, ByteLearn also conserves a teacher’s time by up to 40% by assisting them in creating tests, quizzes, and homework on its platform. Additionally, it builds a knowledge graph of students’ skills and analyses the gaps to assign grade or difficulty levels, while also providing actionable insights for the teachers to leverage.

ByteLearn is founded by Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha, IIT Delhi Graduates who are serial entrepreneurs and have been associated with the EdTech space for over 15 years. They have created a stellar team in US and India, with founding team members including AI/ML PhDs such as Dr. Ankur Narang (IIT Delhi) and Dr. Hari Sankar (IIT Madras). Their design, product and curriculum team in the Silicon Valley includes Kitt Hirasaki (Harvard alum, ex-Khan Academy), Charuta Joshi (ex-Teach for America) who have massive experience of working in US EdTech companies and school districts.

Dr Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, Co-Founder, Venture Catalysts and 9Unicorns, said on the vision for backing the startup, “Despite being one of the most interesting subjects, Maths has always proved to be a challenge for most students. The primary reason for this has been the one-size-fits-all approach in which it is taught to a large class of students having different levels of understanding and grasping power. ByteLearn is successfully addressing this bottleneck and bridging the gap with its hyper-personalized modules, both for students, as well as teachers, far beyond the classroom.”

Commenting on the fundraise, Mr. Aditya Singhal, Co-founder of ByteLearn said “We are very grateful to all our investors who have shown faith in our commitment towards building an ecosystem for learning and teaching Math seamlessly. The fundraise will enable us to build deeper AI capabilities, enhance our product, strengthen our teams across India and US and also expand our outreach to multiple geographies.”

Rajul Garg, Founder of Leo Capital added, “Teachers can’t pay equal attention to kids in the classroom and therefore we have lot of varied outcomes in the classrooms. ByteLearn bridges these gaps for parents, teachers & students while learning Math. It helps teachers save time in creating homework, quizzes and also explaining how to solve step by step to students. This step-by-step AI tutor approach can transform the way teachers teach and kids learn math.”

Echoing his sentiments, Mr. Nishant Sinha, Co-founder of Bytelearn, said, “Our AI Deep Tech module is aimed at benefitting children at a massive scale through its unique concept-based learning. We are reinventing the way math is taught by the teachers and learned by students, by making it fun, interactive, and customized, as per students’ level of understanding. The fundraise will help us scale up the product development process faster and hire the best global talent.”

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