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FinShell Pay announces the appointment of Shilpi Sadhu as the Director and Head of Mkash. As the Director and Head of Mkash, Shilpi will be in charge of administering NPCI, BBPS, UPI, loans, and other Fintech services, as well as overseeing the smooth operation of all departments while keeping an eye on the organization’s overall development and strategic growth.

Shilpi will be heading India strategic growth for FinShell Pay, an application that provides fast, easy, and reliable digital financial services to all Android users.

Having worked with Intex, Panasonic, Transsion, and Oppo—to name a few of the IT behemoths—Shilpi has experience in the Fintech and Telecom industries for over 12+ years, managing Fintech Apps and VAS (Internet Business and Revenue Development Strategy). She has a track record of driving firms to profitability and facilitating long-term growth. Through a well-designed localization and Indianization plan, she worked at Oppo to improve the company’s personalization and user experience in the country. As a result, she had a significant influence on the strategy for key products like the App Store, Theme Store, and Lockscreen.

Motivated by her desire to learn more about technology, Shilpi graduated with a bachelor’s of technology in computer science. Her tenacity has served her well, as she has extensive expertise in developing payments and fintech products, as well as developing operational strategies.

This recent appointment comes in the wake of Zafar Imam’s resignation, who was the former CEO at FinShell. Speaking on his exit, Shilpi Sadhu said, “Zafar was an integral part of the company, and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.”

Speaking on her new role, she said, “I’m looking forward to my role at Finshell Pay as the Director and General Manager. With more than a decade of working experience in the strategic role, I’m eagerly looking forward to working with the firm and seeing Fisnhell expand. With the team, we will be working towards making the company a premier digital fin-tech platform in the market.”

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