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Hyderabad based streetwear apparel, Freiq has unveiled trendy streetwear collections at a pop-up exhibition in Banjara Hills. The expo saw renowned fashion connoisseurs checking out the latest apparel range launched by the brand which were on display at the show.

Freiq is a brand breathing life into streetwear and avant-garde fashion in India by rebirthing the concept of bold simplicity in streetwear culture with interesting artistic graphics. Freiq’s aim is to elevate streetwear’s culture and develop India into the next fashion focal point.

Freiq is about going unnoticed but having great character hidden, displayed by artistic graphics on the clothing. The uniqueness of the apparel goes with a tagline ‘What is seen doesn’t matter, as it is nothing, and what is hidden does, because it is not flaunted’.

Speaking at the event, Fawwaz Alladin, Founder – Freiq said, “Freiq is set out to break the boundaries of the streetwear world. We want today’s millennials and Gen Z to be confident, expressive and aspiring. We believe in the concept of bold and simple. Our artistic graphics represent more than just designs on our clothing, they are stories.”.

“Frieq has always been in forefront in bringing a unique concept among the youth in India with innovative approach for the apparels. Freiq is a brand that believes in expression through art, streetwear is not just clothing, not just quirky designs, it is more than that. It’s a character.” Rajveer Singh Bagga, Founder – Freiq added further.

Every single design has a story behind it. Frieq has taken inspiration from various activities and emotions humans go through in their lives. The founders have spent hours drawing and painting the artistic graphics and have done the same to transfer it onto the clothing. The art on the clothing is tangible, more than just seeing it, one can feel it. Their focus is on quality and customer experience and they aim to do that throughout.

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