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Indian gaming company GameEon has been active since 2013 and the company is already heading towards a monthly 10 million download growth trajectory.

It has been steadily acquiring big game titles under its belt, leaving a prominent presence in the Indian gaming industry. Headed by CEO Nikhil Malankar, who has 7+ years of experience in building games, GameEon has plans of expansion in the upcoming year.

“Games don’t need boundaries, they can be enjoyed by anyone everywhere. We have partnered with multiple YouTubers and Influencers like AapkaJags and Priyal Dhuri to promote our games to young audiences. After acquiring ‘Trito’s Adventure’, which has been performing great on a daily basis in terms of a strong game design and IAP structure, we have plans of penetrating our reach to a wider market and bringing exciting games to players in India and overseas.” says Nikhil

The company has been growing steadily even during the lockdown period and with markets opening, there are opportunities to explore.


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