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GetFive, a one-stop-shop for all financial & advisory needs of Startups, SMEs & MSMEs, today announced that it has helped Rises Analytics Pvt. Ltd. to secure seed funding from Kuwait-based NRI Investors.

Rises Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is high-tech computer software and services-based health tech startup. They are engaged in creating analytical health reports leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, BigData, blockchain and Cloud Technologies. The company has B2B SaaS model with clientele in healthcare, life sciences, pharma, diagnostics and hospital chains.

After having a winning idea and team, the company was looking for suitable investor to understand the tech aspects behind the idea.

GetFive team took stock of the solutions they were bringing to the market with an in-depth understanding of the proposed business model, and post due diligence, they advised the team to seek seed funding and set out to help them secure one.

GetFive reached out to 25-30 investors. Finally, it was the offer from Kuwait-based NRI Investors that was signed off.

GetFive offered complete turnkey services, right from finding a potential investor to convincing the investor on the soundness of the business model, which they helped finetune, to servicing all the paperwork.

The entire project was turned around in 3 months, again bringing to fore GetFive’s expertise in this field and their ability to work with Indian & International entities seamlessly.

Shrikant Goyal, Founding Member and Managing Partner, GetFive commented on the announcement, “It was a pleasure working with Mr. Ajit Deshpande and his team. What they are bringing to market is revolutionary and we are totally convinced on the concept and the value it will bring. Our due diligence corroborated the same. I feel it was this conviction and Mr. Ajit’s passion that was the fuel behind completing this project in record 3 months.”

“We approached the GetFive team for the raising of seed capital. They helped us raise funds, but the guidance we received in finetuning our business model and improving our customer outreach roadmap was the real icing on the cake. The GetFive team worked as partners with us rather than advisors. We wish them a lot of success.”, said Ajit Despande, Managing Director, Rises Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

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