Editorial Team

GoBolt, a leading express end to end logistics brand, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the Indian Achievers Award 2021-22. The firm has gained recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution to Nation Building for its exceptional services and innovative approach.

GoBolt thrives on innovation and makes concerted efforts to streamline the supply chain models as well as upscale the Indian logistics industry. It is due to its consistent approach towards achieving these goals and contributing significantly to the market that the firm has been rewarded with this achievement.

On receiving the award for Outstanding Professional Achievement & Contribution Mr Sumit Sharma, Co-founder, GoBolt shared that “Leading and taking a business from Zero to One is a tough challenge and as such GoBOLT as a company is extremely keen to show continuous dedication and hard work. I would like to thank my founding members Parag and Naitik and all our employees for their never-ending support and dedication for GoBOLT”

GoBOLT is a tech driven Logistics Company dedicated to improving the efficiency and speed of the supply chain models. Its unique hybrid operating model and in-house technology stack have shown cost advantages and flexibility to the e-commerce and non-profit commerce industries. The brand has grown exponentially due to its unique technology stack that provides a capital-efficient hybrid business model with assets, high performance, superior operability, and the ability to serve different business segments. GoBolt works with the sole aim to improve visibility in the supply chain process and emerge as a prominent player in the current highly competitive market. The firm prioritizes making a positive and commercial impact on clients through exceptional product services and excellent recruitment opportunities.

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