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GuardianLink.io is amalgamating the legacy of the iconic football club, Chelsea, with new-age technological advancement through the launch of the Chelsea Memorabilia NFTs collection on its Web3 marketplace, www.jump.trade. The NFTs will drop tomorrow, the 10th of May 2022 at 7:30 PM IST https://chelsea.jump.trade/

The NFTs range from vintage collectibles dated back to 1905 when the club was formed, all the way to the recent club milestones in the modern era. Fans can now be proud owners of collectibles that include tickets, match programs, autographed postcards and photographs, and menus, among others, for one of the most globally popular clubs.

The first Chelsea NFT drop will auction some of the most prolific memorabilia NFTs including the match programme of the first-ever match played at Stamford Bridge. We have infused cutting-edge blockchain technology to launch a modern manifestation of digital collectibles through the NFTs for all the mega-fans of this storied franchise. The drops have been carefully curated to create a treasure trove of the club’s legacy formed through different historic matches and honorable titles such as the club’s first European title and the club’s first English title. The collection is expected to entice NFT collectors, as well as, football enthusiasts.

“It gives me great pride to be associated with GuardianLink and Jump.trade in conjunction with the A-Star Foundation to share with you many of the treasured Chelsea items that I have collected over the years,” said Memorabilia Collector Robert Stein.

“Converging something modern like NFTs with something as classic as Chelsea FC is a great sign that NFTs are proliferating in all directions and among all people! The collectibles are quite formidable, and it’s a thing of joy for us to explore a space like this after our successful Cricket NFT drops” said, Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-founder, and CEO of GuardianLink.

The Chelsea Men’s Collectibles are as rare to the buyers as a rare painting or an item that belonged to a famous persona and is now being auctioned. The most prolific collection of this club’s memorabilia will be launched in conjunction with the A-Star Foundation, a London-based charity that promotes the positive progression of youth to industry professionals and mentors them through dynamic programs and initiatives. This creates an opportunity and provides a platform to enrich, educate and eradicate gun/knife crimes or any other anti-social behavior.

You can check chelsea.Jump.trade to learn more about the drops!

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