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HAPIH HOST, tech enabled platform for cloud services solutions has launched GPU SERVERS with Multiple GPUs to bring accelerated and high performance for AI/ML, Deep Learning, BigData, Android Simulators, 3D Rendering, Video Rendering/Graphics teams.
To meet the fast increasing demands for Enterprises, Start-ups, Public Sector Companies in India at affordable prices, HAPIH HOST has started the Variety of GPUs including the latest GPUs – NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core, NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU and NVIDIA Quadro RTX TM 8000. Combined with NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions for advanced compute resources for AI, HPC and Quadro Virtual Workstations (Quadro vWS) for professional computer graphics. 

“The demand for GPUs and vGPU solutions keep on increasing rapidly therefore, we have launched these to streamline and simplify the process of getting GPU-accelerated solutions into the hands of AI and data science practitioners,also it will benefit the technical and creative professionals” said HAPIH HOST’s CEO “Vivek Kosalia”.

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