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Health experts shared their opinion on the possibility of COVID at Asia Healthcare Summit & Awards 2021 Ceremony organized by Asia Today Research. The award honored the social workers who served the people during the pandemic time. The chief-guest Jaya Prada, an Indian film actress and former Member of Parliament Sunil Deodhar National Secretary BJP, and Sunita Duggal MP Lok Sabha honored the awardees as a COVID warrior and health worker.

The eminent panelists included Dr. Vijayabhaskaran S- Executive Director of Kauvery Hospital, Bangalore; Dr. Mohan Rao – Chief Neurosurgeon; Dr. Dilip Kumar Pahari – Chairman of Medical Institute of Kidney Diseases and Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan – Consultant Urologist.

Experts gave their suggestions regarding the coming possibility of the third wave of corona and its prevention, rapid vaccination has played an important role in controlling the speed of corona. India has made all the necessary services related to health services like ambulance, oxygen, essential medicines, and hospital-related things. Further experts talked about the anti-inflammatory benefits of yoga and meditation can prove to be particularly beneficial for the body. Apart from this, yoga helps strengthen the immune system by making all kinds of necessary changes in the body.

The award was felicitated to the Institutes associated with the health sector like Kauvery Hospital Bangalore, Medaz Hospital (Neuro & Multispeciality), The Shakti Plastic Industries, Criterion Tech Pvt Ltd, Eras Lucknow Medical College, etc.

While congratulating the winners, Indian Film Actress Jaya Prada said, “The contribution of health workers during the COVID period was greater, their sacrifice will always be remembered in the society. Be it families or NGOs connected in the pandemic, everyone has played their role very well.

Addressing the guests and awardees in the Summit Event P K Choudhary, CEO, Asia Today Research said that, “The awards have been awarded based on rigorous research and results of various surveys and the winners have demonstrated their excellence in the healthcare sector. The purpose of these awards is to inspire others for greater achievements.”

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