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HealthPlix Technologies, India’s trusted AI-powered EMR software amongst doctors, today announced the release of its new feature – ‘Drug to Drug Interaction’ (DDI). DDI is an intuitive feature that sits on the HealthPlix EMR to help doctors recall molecule-to-molecule interactions at the time of care. The suggestive feature is designed for doctors in India and targeted to decrease their time taken to write a prescription.

The feature is live on the HealthPlix platform and optimized for prompting these interactions while the doctor prescribes the medicines to their patients. Currently, doctors rely on support from external websites/platforms to understand these interactions which adds onto the total time taken to write prescriptions. With HealthPlix, doctors stand to benefit from the information being made available to them within the HealthPlix EMR.

“Our vision is to build assistive technologies for doctors so that they can help improve patient health outcomes. DDI launch is an important step towards that vision. HealthPlix’s interactive cloud based EMR platform allows us to nudge the doctor with key medical information at the point of care. Proud of our product innovation team”, says Chaitanya Raju, Chief of AI, HealthPlix Technologies.

Commenting on the feature release, Subhadeep Mondal, Vice President – Products at HealthPlix Technologies said, “HealthPlix is known to strengthen the health-tech ecosystem and improve healthcare delivery by making it more precise for every patient the doctor treats. By suggesting interactions between incompatible drugs, this new DDI feature will assist them. With a robust global interaction library in place, we intend to partner with organizations who specialise in drug-drug interactions, as well as citing research publications to back up our claims.”

Commenting on the experience, Dr. Peyush Khera, Consultant Cardiologist using the HealthPlix platform said, “This new feature is quite useful as a ready reckoner for reminding us about potential interactions between molecules prescribed. The best part is that it displays on the screen but does not print out on paper. In addition to prescribing medicine based on diagnosis, DDI provides suggestions for drugs that may be relevant to the treatment course. Many thanks for the new feature and I hope to see more in the future”.

A well-defined reference interactions library can assist doctors in identifying potentially unsafe combinations of medications. Furthermore, the company plans to ramp up its database/information by integrating with global third-party providers who specialize in drug-to-drug interactions. HealthPlix expects its reference interaction library to grow from 4L to 10L by March 2023.

The company is constantly speaking to doctors to understand their needs and enabling them with digital tools that could drive efficiency in their practice. Prior to DDI, HealthPlix has launched a slew of products like Doctor Insights Dashboard, Patient Summary Dashboard and Mobile EMR.

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