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The stock market plays a significant role in business strategy, attracting billions of traders worldwide. But, if you are a novice and trying to dive into the deep ocean of Stock Market Trading, then don’t worry! When you have several Stock Market Training Institutes in India, offering countless opportunities for beginners and investors. During the pandemic – many people attempt to trade in stocks as a part-time business especially women are looking for a passive source of income to earn fast money. Here are 5 trading institutions you can earn and learn from:

Booming Bulls Academy:

Booming Bulls is an initiative for the young generation interested in making more, willing to step forward and be free from financial situations. They provide knowledge based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical implications on the market. In general, trading is considered a business not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax which Booming Bulls Academy clears by letting people learn about the strategies that can provide a good profit in the stock market trading. Booming Bulls provides 6 months of training through elite trader program 2.0 that will help you to learn about the stock market from scratch and in the most simplified way.

NSE Academy:

NSE Academy was established to provide financial education facilities to neophyte investors and beginners. They provide various courses that help the people with the purpose to obtain finance knowledge and entice them with the NSE certification facility so that in the finance industry they can make their career. They provide extensive knowledge about other sectors which are covered under the financial industry and they also provide so many test centres that are located throughout India.

BSE Academy:

In India, BSE Academy also stepped forward to encourage young minds to get more capable to know about its workings in the financial market. For participation in the course, BSE Academy Certification on Financial Market (BCFM) manages all the exams and the certification. Further, it ensures to provide the candidates with professional experience and knowledge.

National Institute of Financial Market:

The National Institute of Finance Market (NIFM) was set up in 1993 by an autonomous institute under the Government of India. It was established by the Ministry of Finance. They provide the facility of online courses that one can prepare for the examination and can attain easily from anywhere. NIFC courses are more into the theoretical part rather than the practical.


Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC) has provided in-depth stock market education through various classroom and online courses. Covering a comprehensive range of courses, IFMC imparts education in the various segments of the stock market.

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