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CLIRNET, India’s largest Live Digital CME and Doctor Generated Medical Content Platform, has announced that it has partnered with Medica Superspecialty Hospital to create a coaction through seamless doctor collaboration using trailblazing technologies to deliver better healthcare. CLIRNET, with its exponentially growing presence across India, has assisted Medica in expanding its continuing medical education initiatives to a larger audience. CLIRNET has supported in providing the necessary digital infrastructure to allow Medica to effectively perform many of their live CME and educational programs on the platform.

With the secure information and medical resources available on the platform, the superspecialty departments from Medica have been cohesively communicating and helping physicians on the ground on complicated patient cases and topical themes in healthcare via audio/video conferences. The CLIRNET technology is being used to work with exemplary practitioners from the country and around the world.

The Bilateral Summit on Omicron Variant-India and South Africa was an excellent example of the impact of this partnership. Over 1400 participants from Critical Care, Anaesthesiology, Pulmonology, General Practice, Diabetology and Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, and Internal Medicine engaged from metros like New Delhi and Mumbai to smaller towns like Burdwan and Vijayawada. Dr. Aviral Roy, a critical care specialist from Medica, chaired the top panel and skillfully contributed to the event’s success. Another groundbreaking project of CLIRNET, Discuss & Refer, is promoting better communication channels across various healthcare delivery systems to assist in timely referrals, lowering mortality and improving patient outcomes. Medica is a critical participant in this pilot program, helping to shape the efficacy of this project.

CLIRNET has been live-streaming Medica’s educational events such as Gastro-Critical Care Updates, Nephro-Critical Care Updates, Cardio-Critical Care Updates, and OBS Critical Care Updates. These 20+ sessions from various disciplines were broadcast live to over 5,000 doctors throughout India. These educational sessions explored pertinent issues such as GI-critical care protocols, approaches to increasing creatinine, hemodynamic monitoring, and physiological changes in pregnancy.

Speaking about the fruitful symbiosis between CLIRNET and Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Saurav Kasera, Co-Founder of CLIRNET, said, “Our alliance as well-wishers of the medical fraternity is symbiotic for both the parties involved as it fulfills our shared goal of delivering superior and collaborative healthcare. Our technological dimension, alongside Medica Superspecialty’s expansive network, creates a synergy for coaction towards a better medical system and patient outcomes. Through our association, we have been able to map and highlight critical themes of medical relevance, successfully expanding the horizons of its presence and positively influencing healthcare delivery.”

In a much-commended endeavor, CLIRNET earned the acknowledgement of various doctors associated with Medica’s highly regarded ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) department. The ECMO practitioners conducted a six-episode course on the platform that was authenticated and supported by the ECMO Society of India.

Dr. Aviral Roy from Medica, expressing appreciation for CLIRNET’s novel technology, said, “CLIRNET is a really effective platform, especially during pandemic times when physical meetings and interactions were impossible. But with lots of knowledge and information being shared amongst peers, virtual interactions through CLIRNET strengthened our bonds of serving mankind during testing times.”

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