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The New Normal’s paradigm shifts have encouraged students to stay engaged and on pace, and even forced many to be home-bound for their work and education. Forex brokers had to up their game with the training material, quality-level information, trading knowledge, and their educational offering as a whole so that clients stay on track and easy for transition.

After chronicling a recent influx in novel retail users, Forex brokers have fared to provide new formats of trading education to students by seamlessly combining their extensive online course catalog, engaging technology, and wrap-around support services.

After extensive research and with the experience of a significant inflow of new key demographics into the Forex retail market, the Forex brokers have put forward advanced training materials, trading knowledge, quality-level information and services, and top-notch educational validations.

One example of a situation where Forex brokers can adapt and adjust to the distinct market demands would be through the online market executer- OctaFX.

OctaFX is a MetaTrader broker that offers a suite of platforms from MetaQuotes Software Corporation, including the common MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The global fintech firm organized more than 1,000 webinars since the beginning of 2020, which were categorized into several divisions, with each division effective to a particular stage of the trader’s journey- 

  • Serial webinars
  • Single webinars on a specific topic
  • Live trading sessions
  • Q&A sessions
  • Celebrity shows on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Basic and ever-changing Forex’s training beginner’s training courses are available on the websites. 
  • Active and engaging subscription for Forex training emails 

Forex experts distinguished in sectors like risk management, short-term trading, and market analysis compose, develop, implement, and conduct all of the formats listed above, ensuring that the learning curve for beginners, intermediaries, and even advanced traders go ‘parabolic’ and emblematic.

The global broker keeps the international and regional appeal of its services afloat and has strategized to keep the educational program all figured and resolved in English, as well as other languages like Indonesian, Malay, Urdu, and Hindi, among others.

However, the structure of a newly released format merges education and entertainment into a solid synthesis of quality ‘edutainment’ with the most participants by far being OctaFX’s ‘Trading with the Stars’, which was recently aired on the well-known social media platform, YouTube.

OctaFX’s ‘Trading with the Stars’ was a tool that reached a bigger crowd who were allowed to learn about investment, finances, and acquire different levels of knowledge in the field of business and management.

This means of promotion, helped much identification and even demonstrate on topics about trading and investing. Yet, at the same time, the platform reach helped the learners to adapt the practicality of the topics to help them understand better with effort and time.

Financial and Trading are the two tools or services offered by the Forex brokers for better training and engagement. Forex brokers implement various methods to teach the clients to make the most use of the services offered by them. The various field experts interact with the clients professionally and authentically that distinguishes them from mediocrity. In conclusion, it can be stated that education is the best risk management, and the choice of refusing or ignoring the chances of training in trading leaves a mark as an unnecessary and unsteady undertaking.

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