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Hoonartek and Aerospike, Inc. today announced the launch of DigiTwin . Built on the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform, the DigiTwin pre-built real-time Customer Data Management – Customer 360 solution unlocks critical data inside applications not built for real-time processing. The solution automatically synchronizes with heritage apps and APIs to serve data instantaneously and drive real-time personalized services at a massive scale. The highly configurable solution enables customers to introduce new services and stay ahead of the competition.

The DigiTwin Customer Data Management – Customer 360 solution drives customer engagements in real-time, at a massive scale (proven up to 50,000 business transactions per second) with a predictable 200% to 400% performance increase for the same workload. For a major Tier-1 Telco, the solution offers proven high-performance with processing 350 million subscribers at only 7 milliseconds of latency with a real-time data sync from multiple OSS and BSS systems. Further, it provides legacy offloading savings of typically more than $15,000 per day while enabling 3x to 10x server reduction that enhances a company’s carbon footprint. The result is that end-users will have unprecedented access to new services that are customized, lightning-fast, and highly relevant.

“For over 5 years Hoonartek has developed and supported real-time Customer360 solutions for some of the world’s largest and most diverse businesses,” said Amit Raj, Founder and Business Manager, Hoonartek. “This well positions us to leverage our experience and our field knowledge to launch a pre-built configurable platform for rapid deployment at any enterprise on cloud / on-premise with a desire to improve their customer experience.”

“Hyper-personalization and actions based on real-time updates are two key capabilities that Telcos, and other industries, need to excel in customer engagements and augment revenues,” said Shahed Mazumder, Global Director, Telco Solutions for Aerospike. “Platforms that enable these capabilities should be future-proof in terms of scale and able to conduct acceptance, enhancement, and rejection actions in real-time. This is exactly what DigiTwin does, thanks to the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform and Hoonartek’s proven integration/implementation track record.”

DigiTwin is ideal for enterprise banking and telecom clients with multiple customer touchpoints to enable various offerings. DigiTwin empowers the existing Enterprise applications to support real-time customer interactions at the desired volumes and speed without the need to replace those applications.

General availability: 1st August 2022.

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