How CIOs are Using Outsourcing Providers to Navigate Setbacks

Navin is an experienced finance and accounting (F&A) operations specialist with 20 years in the outsourcing industry. He has strategically led the development of several workflows, reconciliations, process re-engineering, operations management tools, and setting up greenfield operations like Payroll and Financial Research.   The Chief information officer is in charge of overseeing people, processes, and technologies within a company‚Äôs IT infrastructure to ensure they deliver the best outcomes for the betterment of the goals of the company. Going through a setback is normal and every day happening for a business, in order to reach success, one needs to have a taste of failure. What makes the company a success, is how they deal with and navigate through these setbacks. In an increasingly competitive global market, companies continue to look for ways to enhance their competitive edge without sacrificing profits. Corporations are beginning to realize the competitive advantage that Information Technology (IT) can provide. Furthermore, these corporations are realizing it is costly, difficult, and risky to stay current with technology. With digital transformation taking a peak, companies are now more than ever, realizing that their success is dependent on their ability to use information technology in a way that sets them … Continue reading How CIOs are Using Outsourcing Providers to Navigate Setbacks