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COVID-19 took a major hit at the Indian economy, leading to lakhs of job loss & spiked unemployment. During the pandemic, the unorganised sector, especially the blue-collar staffs lost their livelihood as many businesses shut down. According to a survey done within staffing agencies nearly 100 to 120 million blue-collar workers, accounting for over 70-80% of the industry, have lost their jobs and gone without earning in the past few months.

When the world of the blue-collar workers changed and almost gone, two Start-ups came forward as their saviours: Spayee & JustRojgaar.  Let’s have a look at how their combined superpower contributed to dealing with this predicament.

JustRojgar solutions Pvt, Ltd. is an innovative workforce start-up with a mission to groom & train the blue-collar workforce while connecting them to the right employers. The company has a strong base in approx. 20 states across India. They have a total of 55+ recruitment centres / Rojgar Kendras across India with 1 Residential Training centre in Gurgaon, Haryana.

The nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic made it almost impossible for JustRojgar to connect with the field workers and provide them help. Spayee, one of the most comprehensive online course platforms available in the Indian market helped JustRojgar to shift online and train thousands of manpower while making them job-ready.

During the lockdown, JustRojgar launched its online job-portal www.justrojgar.in with an objective to facilitate and provide skilled & efficient manpower/staff to organisations at a much faster pace in a more organized manner. Spayee helped them in delivering their training online, while absolutely replicating their offline model.

JustRojgar now offers online training to people, post that they possess the required skills, right attitude & correct avenue for getting a job. They cover a 360-degree aspect from training to connecting them with the employers. Hence, with the combined efforts many blue-collar workers were able to earn a livelihood for themselves and are leading a dignified life. So far, more than 5 Lac job seekers for 80 job roles have registered with JustRojgar through the platform and have managed to provide jobs to more than 30,000 people across India, as well as, overseas. They started using Spayee 3 months back and were able to train more than 2000 unemployed people to date. The seamless shift to an online model has been a cakewalk for JustRojgar. Spayee came off as a major helping hand for them during this lockdown.

Their mission is to provide jobs through online learning to more than 5 lacs workers by the end of 2021. According to JustRojgar, with the help of Spayee, they have managed to train more 2000 youths in the last 3 months and provided jobs to more than 500 people, while some of the trainees decided to go for an entrepreneurial journey.

Furthermore, JustRojgar is planning to continue and strengthen their business relationships with Spayee in future as well. With the aim to continue this initiative of providing jobs to everyone in need, while contributing to the economic development of the country.

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