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Zero Latency Hyderabad has a 2,000 sq feet gaming area, a space huge enough to enjoy the heart-pounding VR games — be it killing the zombies, sci-fi, adventure, exploration, or the player v/s player with the futuristic designs. The Radiance group, led by Trilok Potluri, has partnered with Parineeta to give Hyderabad a taste of the VR world for the potential and future of the free-roam VR gaming industry has encouraged him to discover the setup to the country’s fastest-growing city and technological hub.

“Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and the hub of all technological growth combined with a young and cosmopolitan culture, the perfect mix of all we need for such experiences!” shares Parineeta Rajgarhia, Founder of Zero Latency, Mumbai.

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