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Institute of Management Studies, Noida, hosted a masterclass on Voice Modulation in News Anchoring for Journalism and Mass Communication students. Smriti Rastogi, Senior News Anchor and Producer, Rajya Sabha TV, spoke during the event. The masterclass was designed to teach students the necessity of modulating their voices while anchoring in order to communicate effectively.

During the session, Smriti Rastogi explained how to manipulate vocals and tone with an immediate effect. While discussing with students, she said, ” Voice modulation plays a major role in conveying your message to the target audience. If you don’t use proper voice modulation, you will be speaking in a steady and monotonous tone. Your pitch and speed should change according to the needs of the sentence you’re speaking. ” She also shared some helpful tips for better voice modulation, like stressing certain words, pausing and practising variation.

Dr. Kulneet Suri, Senior Director, IMS Noida, said, “If you want to work in news broadcasting, you’ll need to know voice modulation. It not only reflects confidence, but it also aids in persuading your audience of your opinions or ideas. As a result, not only for becoming a successful news anchor, but also for public speaking, one must master the skill of voice modulation.

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