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IMS Noida, department of PGDM & MIB Organized a “Business Quiz – named The Quiz Trivia for the students, the Aim to organize Business Quiz to give a platform to the students to analyse their knowledge and know their potential.

Questions were asked about current affairs, sports, management and business fields, politics, science, etc. The students participated with full enthusiasm and zeal. Quiz competitions were designed as a way to test the business acumen of students in some or all domains, thus, providing them with the perfect opportunity to prove their mettle.

Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director of IMS Noida said, As a management student, you should be well-versed in disciplines such as business, finance and human resources. This quiz provided a forum for our students to assess their abilities and knowledge. We have also rewarded the team appropriately to build the confidence of the winning team and participants.

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