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Aditi Tracking Support Pvt. Ltd. (ATSPL), a Mumbai based company introduces for the ”FIRST TIME IN INDIA”, a Unique Integrated Advanced Call Centre Solutions by Carbyne” for Dial 102 project for Maharashtra state which delivers advanced IP-enabled communication features and caller solutions. In its effort to enhance Public Safety and providing better aid during a catastrophe, Aditi Tracking implements in its first, an Israeli technology Carbyne in Maharashtra’s Emergency helpline number Dial 102, a Free Referral Transport Service known as JSSK programme (‘Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram’) provided to pregnant women and infants.

With Carbyne’s technology, callers in Maharashtra can now receive a link via text or WhatsApp that can provide additional tools such as accurate location services and video capabilities without downloading any application. The service helps speed up response time and decreases the number of idle calls that can cause delays. This helps in providing precise location details, boost morale of people in discomfort and reassure them when no one is around them in the need of the hour.

Implementation of Carbyne has made it easier for the emergency services in Maharashtra to save lives. It aims to be an example of how modernizing our departments can lead to better services and efficiency for the citizens. Most emergency calls rely on audio descriptions from the caller to help responders in their attempt to assist the needy. With Carbyne, the exact location can be easily spotted by Live Video Sharing service wherein, the person is visible via satellite map. The process of reaching to the victim is reduced to less than half, as the location shared by the system is accurate up to 2 meters.

Chirag Rachh, Founder & CEO, Aditi Tracking Support Pvt. Ltd. said “Carbyne is the only platform in the world that enables ECC (Emergency Call Centres) to aggregate data and audio into the one platform and, from the same platform, deliver lifesaving information to first responders, dispatchers, hospitals and more. Carbine’s Patent Awarded technology, allows us to turn any call into rich data (location / video / chat) in real time without the need of an App.”

Maharashtra, being the first Indian state to implement Public safety solutions by Carbyne Ltd., is focused on using a technology of Emergency call management “Unified platform” to reduce the dispatch time to expedite resolution. With the goal to provide services in most of the cities in the country especially metropolitan cities, Carbyne will improve the first response services in India.

Carbyne can be a very efficient tool for the Government to save lives and provide the right assistance at the right time in a country like ours where the accident rate is quite high and there are a lot of places which are not marked on the map.

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