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Terragni Consulting – a human engagement company is increasing the number of its women employees with an aim to encourage the female workforce in the industry. In an industry dominated by men, the company is not only co-founded by women but also has a female employee composition of 80%. Present at 4 locations, the women workforce at Terragni consists of psychologists, anthropologists, mathematicians, and behavioral scientists.

Talking about this advancement, Harsh Kapur Pillai, Director, Terragni Consulting said, “Most roles within Terragni require high persistence balanced by patience in various stages of the business, and a sharp execution focus. This along with the ability to constantly strive for innovation, knowledge, and creativity is observed in women. It is, therefore, no surprise that 80% of our employee composition are women. Being emotionally resilient and empowered is a step toward change and at Terragni, we are delighted to be a part of this change.”

Terragni has employees spread across 4 locations – Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bucharest, and even across a time zone. Given that many of them hail from Tier 2/3 cities and are young, a key underlying ethos of Terragni is to ensure that the policies are gender neutral and possibly the same as every progressive organization. A highly personalized approach to their work hours, location flexibilities, leave requirements, and benefits plans are something Terragni has always emphasized on.

“At Terragni, we seek a hunger to learn, intellectual ability, and diligent effort to grow amongst potential hires. We also seek a diverse background both in terms of education, language, and cultural contexts. As things have turned out, our choice of having a majority women-centric team has stood us in good stead. This is visible from our business metrics and also clearly visible in the strength of our client engagement, as borne out by the industry-leading repeat business percentages we garner.”, said Dipti Sapatnekar, Director, Terragni Consulting.

It has been an observation at Terragni that a larger proportion of women professionals innately possess characteristics that are relevant to human engagement. Since its inception in 2009, Terragni has experienced that the above characteristics are prevalent and better developed amongst women professionals.

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