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The rising awareness about International Women’s Day in Indian society is leading to the increase in personal gifting for women on the occasion which has driven 8X growth in the last 3 years in online gifting trends. For a long time, women’s day celebrations have been limited to the offices but now it’s spreading at a more personal and grassroots level as more people are making women in their lives feel special by sending them gifts on the occasion. Led by the same trend, Winni, an emerging leader in the multi-category online gifting and bakery retail business, has registered 268% YoY growth in sales on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year.

The company believes that the rise in sales over the years is a social response to the increase in awareness about International Women’s Day celebration. Over the past two years, there has been a consistent increase in the company’s sales on Women’s Day. From 1500 orders in 2020, it increased to 4,443 in 2021 and 11,900 in 2022. Among 16,950 products sold this year, cakes remained the most in-demand gifting option. There was also a new trend of sending pink roses. People are adding a unique touch to gifting with options like plants, chocolates, combos and highly personalized gifts.

Talking about the gifting trend on Women’s Day, Sujeet Kumar Mishra, Co-founder & CEO, Winni said, “India is undergoing a cultural shift, where international phenomena like International Women’s Day is being celebrated at a more personal level now. Till a few years ago, these celebrations were limited to just corporate offices but now people are celebrating it at a more personal level by sending gifts to women in their lives. The impact is clearly visible in the 8x growth in the sales on the day. It is a result of larger awareness campaigns around Women’s Day through different mediums and the change in social dynamics where people are not just acknowledging the role of a women in building the future but they are also keen to celebrate Women’s existence by sending them personal gifts to recognise their contribution as equal partners. This is a great change that we could map by analysing the gifting trend on our platform over the years. ”

“Being a gender-sensitive online gifting platform, we at Winni, offer an equal number of gifting choices to and for men and women. After collecting data from demands on different days and festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Christmas Day, New Year & Valentine’s Day we collate a wide range of gifts on our platform at affordable price catering to women’s choice & requirements which empowers our users in selecting right kind of gifts for women in their lives. We are glad that Winni is able to be a part of larger societal change with our platform and playing a role in empowering women by enabling them to be part of the celebrations.”

Winni has been in the online gifting segment since 2013 and has registered exponential growth over the years. It is on the way to becoming India’s leading online gifting platform with 20 million customers. It is one of the most trusted online gifting platforms that deliver cakes in just 2 hours guaranteed time in 650+cities across different states in India through its 4000+ vendor network. It also has a global presence with delivery available in over 40 countries now including the USA, the Middle East & Europe. Winni entered into retail space 2 years back with brand name Winni Cakes & More that now has 150+ retail outlets in 23 states & 5 UTs. Interestingly, with its retail venture, Winni is offering an opportunity to home bakers becoming entrepreneurs. Right now almost 40% of its franchise owners are women who come from tier-2, tier-3 cities and small towns.

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