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Indian Chemical Council, for its nicer globe Initiative has signed a MoU with Intel India. The MoU was signed during the recent logistics event conducted by Indian Chemical Council.

The logistics event covered a wide range of topics on Building Capacities and Capabilities, Application of technology, Hazardous goods waste management and other topics with the participation of international experts, industry experts and government representatives.

The MoU with Intel,is all set to act as a technology and digital transformation enabler and for working closely with the industry to identify the digital future needs of the chemical industry and its fleet operations. Such collaboration will help improve the safety and operational efficiency of chemical transport fleets. It will leverage best-in-class safety technology like an Advanced Driver Assistance System.

Indian transportation is as they are and the policies and regulations are still evolving. It is the responsibility of the chemical industry to take up the accountability in developing standards, processes and practices and identify responsible stakeholders to operate it sustainably. Establishing formidable policies will help in safeguarding and operating in long run, said Mr Ravi Goenka, President of the Indian Chemical Council and also the Chairman and Managing Director of Laxmi Organic Industries

The chemical industry is one of the fastest growing industries for decades now and more than 80,000 chemical products of both hazardous and non-hazardous are being transported over the length and breadth of our country. India’s over $200 billion chemical industry is experiencing unprecedented growth on the back of the consumption economy, niche products, rapid import substitution, and a global geostrategic demand shift from China. The Chemical Industry is the backbone of the Indian economy and is also known as the Industries of Industry.

Indian chemical Council is the apex national body representing all branches of chemical industries and has been serving the industry for over 85 years now.

Nicer Globe is the sustainability initiative of ICC, for enabling chemical Industry with Globally acclaimed standards, infrastructure & services for safe & secure transportation. Nicer Globe is presently offering Technology based solutions to the chemical logistics through tracking & tracing, journey risk management & onsite emergency response to its members.

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