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India’s largest digital healthcare platform MediBuddy today announced the launch of Surgery Care services, thereby expanding its ever-growing and vast array of digital healthcare services. Offering a one-stop solution to all critical medical needs, MediBuddy promises to provide its customers hassle-free, end-to-end surgery care, right from connecting them to the right surgeon to post-operative recovery care.

MediBuddy’s Surgery Care eases 60+ elective procedures across its partnered hospitals covering all the major cities. In addition to general surgeries, MediBuddy’s Surgery Care will also provide specialized treatment in several other departments like Proctology, Ophthalmology, Vascular, ENT, Orthopaedics, Urology, Gynaecology, and more. With full-stack Surgery Care management services, MediBuddy assures customers an array of solutions for every medical, financing, insurance, and recovery need of its customers undergoing surgery.

Apart from prompt surgeon consultations for serious health complications, the service also offers a dedicated Care Buddy to every patient, unlimited follow-ups, second opinions, and financial counselling from its team of experts which support the user to make the right decisions for the surgery. Over and above, pick up and drop services for the surgery, discounts on overhead expenses, admission paperwork, and insurance settlement make the service extremely appealing. Through the launch, customers can be assured of a smooth and hassle-free surgery experience.

Commenting on the same, Satish Kannan, Co-founder, and CEO, MediBuddy, said “Our vision is to be the preferred platform that individuals can trust and rely firmly upon for every healthcare need of theirs. The launch of Surgery Care is a significant step in providing comprehensive medical solutions all under one roof. We are immensely pleased to launch our Surgery Care services and hope this endeavour would help provide quality medical assistance to Indians who require surgery.”

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MediBuddy, which is available as a web portal and a mobile app, provides consumers with unmatched, real-time access to all their health benefits at any time and from any location. It has always been at the forefront of India’s digital healthcare transformation. The digital healthcare platform has a partner network of over 90,000 doctors, 7,000 hospitals, 3000 diagnostic centres, 2,500 pharmacies & 1,800-members team. It has created an integrated ecosystem that offers patients several healthcare services in 16 Indian languages to enable user-friendly consultation to people in tier2&3 cities that they can seamlessly access anytime and anywhere. MediBuddy offers online doctor consultations, medicine delivery, lab tests at home, mental health consultations, and many more services.

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