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India’s leadingmarketing services procurement platform, GroCurv, has pioneered the use of technology to bridge the supply-demand problem that has historically plagued independent marketing agencies. Founded by Venkatesh Rangachari and Vipul Gupta in 2019, the Delhi-NCR based company helps SMBs find the best-suited marketing agency for sales and marketing services such as digital marketing, social media marketing, performance marketing, e-commerce, lead generation, packaging design, PR and branding, amongst others. Their marketplace uses technology to revolutionise the way marketing agencies have traditionally found clients and givesagencies tools to be on top of their deliverables, while ensuring 100% payments.

With an aim of accelerating business growth for Start-Ups, SMEs and MNCs, the company has delivered over 2500 projects both national and international, across industries, such as Home & Personal Care, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Online Retail, etc. with an impressive 80% + repeat rate. Their list of clients includes companies like SSF Plastics, Millenium Marbles, Lohia Corp, Finora Technologies, Lepton Software, Winuall, HEM incense, Dole International, Squirelocks, Josh Talks, The Moms Co., Coca Cola India, Tata Steel, Luxor Writing Instruments, Orientbell, etc.

In the words of Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-founder, GroCurv, “Just like Amazon and Flipkart deliver 30-40% of revenues for emerging D2C brands, Grocurv aspires to have at least 5000 agencies from across the country and generate 30-40% of their revenues by 2025. All this, while simultaneously bringing efficiency, transparency and trust to the marketing procurement ecosystem.”

What differentiates GroCurv is their promise of accurate and relevant projects to the agencies. The platform provides automated tools for clients to create projects, identifies the most relevant agencies, speed up the RFI and RFP process, help in proposal evaluation, contracts and project monitoring through a self-serve conversational solution. An ESCROW ensures 100% payment compliance. GroCurv believes agencies are a vital partner to SMB clients looking to grow fast. A typical agency search and onboarding of 6-8 weeks, is compressed to less than 2 weeks on GroCurv, through technology.

GroCurv has already bridged the trust deficit issue in the SMB space with a 98% success rate for all projects. This is a massive space with over 10 million SMBs globally looking to find the right agency partner. “Our partner agencies are nimble, innovative and responsive. Over 70 Cr worth of RFPs have been shared on the platform since 2019 and are now looking ahead at a 10 times increase in agency partners and platform revenue”, Vipul Gupta, Co-founder, GroCurv.

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