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Samsonite, the world’s leading luggage brand, today announced the launch of the revolutionary EVOA Tech luggage collection. Building on the advances of its earlier EVOA range, this line of next-generation travel suitcases is custom built to intelligently interact with its proprietors. The addition of multiple cutting-edge features is ideally suited to empower the smart travellers of today, offering the ultimate combination of efficiency, flexibility, and security.

“For over 110 years, the Samsonite name has stood as an enduring symbol of quality in the travel landscape. We pride ourselves on anticipating every need of the frequent world traveller, while also paving the way for the future of the industry through the introduction of ground-breaking new advancements and technologies,” said Jai Krishnan, CEO of Samsonite South Asia Pvt Ltd., commenting on the launch. “The EVOA Tech collection is the perfect encapsulation of this forward-thinking philosophy. Its blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal set a new benchmark for the industry, making it the ideal travel companion for the sophisticated modern globetrotter.”

The EVOA Tech maintains all the original features of the EVOA range, while adding unique features that further enhance the premium travel experience. Available exclusively in a brushed black colour scheme with copper accenting, this iconic and minimalist look is made to suit any travel style. In order to ensure the security of a traveller’s belongings, the EVOA Tech offers a wide array of security features: a 3-in-1 Smart lock, TSA approved fingerprint lock allowing for efficient one-touch opening, anti-theft zipper with magnetic zipper puller, and 3-digit dial lock and USB port. Quality of life features meld with practicality through built in luggage scale, the Aero-TracTM suspension wheel system, interior smart and wet pickets, expandability for check-in sizes, and a brushed finishing for added durability. Samsonite’s partnership with Panasonic also sees the inclusion of the Seekit™ Bluetooth Tracker, enabling customers to tag and track their luggage for a seamless experience.

Key Features

Fingerprint lock and TSA combination lock

The 3-in-1 Smart Lock offers 2 ways to open and lock the luggage conveniently, either using your recorded fingerprint, or ordinary TSA combination dial password. Function is well protected by protection cap, consumers could always close the protection cap after usage.

  • With fingerprint locks, never worry about forgetting dial password. Only defined fingerprints are permitted with security and sharing usage. Up to 10 fingerprints can be recorded
  • The luggage can still be opened with the set dial password
  • Fingerprint lock is a user-friendly mechanism. Key functions are (1) record fingerprint (2) open the lock (3) delete fingerprint
  • TSA combination dial lock as usual mechanism to (1) set password (2) reset
  • The first fingerprint acts as administrator and is used to control or delete all other fingerprints. Other fingerprints can only select their own record as an additional security measure

Integrated weighing scale carry handle

  • Allows for the measurement of luggage weight through the built-in device
  • Shows the weight of luggage piece in Kilograms (kg)
  • Designed to be user-friendly. Switch on → lift-up est. 2 seconds → show weight
  • Simply raise the side carry handle and put it down. The weight will be displayed on the screen (without sound)
  • Easy button to reverse display direction, convenient for reading

Samsonite with Seekit™ Bluetooth Tracker by Panasonic

Samsonite With SeekitTM Bluetooth Tracker by Panasonic boasts up to 11 different functions based on Bluetooth 5.0. Innovative features include the Separation Indicator so that customers know when the luggage is around and get notified as soon as it is separated. With Bi-directional Tracking feature, not only does the Seekit helps customers find their luggage, but their phone too by just double pressing the button on the tracker.

Proximity guidance guides customers towards their baggage whereas Find your luggage helps them identify their Samsonite luggage easily by tapping the buzz button on their app. The Seekit device also comes with a Selfie Button that allow users to click their best selfies while on travel. Moreover, by pressing the button on Seekit thrice customers can send an SOS Alert to up to 3 contacts with their GPS location. Additionally, Panasonic is providing in app language support in Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean for better customer experience and adoption.

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