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Inkclick, the emerging student network, announced that Dr. Usha Ram has joined them as “Head of Academic”.

Dr. Usha Ram is the former principal of Laxman Public School, an elected member of C.B.S.E,and currently the Academic Head for Inkclick. She has a holistic approach towards education which transforms a young kid into a well-groomed and knowledgeable personality ready to take off in the world beyond schools. She has been a visionary of the education sector in India who started her career with Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi as an English teacher in 1974. With remarkable hard work and dedication towards imparting valuable education, she soon rose to the level of an Academic supervisor, the Vice Principal and later to the principal of Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls and Laxman Public School. Dr. Ram has been a pioneer in the field of special education as she endeavored to integrate children with learning disabilities, and underprivileged sections by setting up special centers for them. She has also led differently-abled children both at National and International levels.

Dr. Ram has also been a prolific author of many educational books covering children with special needs, the quest for Knowledge, English books published by M/s Macmillan and V.H Collins. Her insatiable quest for learning made her conduct various programs at Harvard School of Education, British Council in Bath, UK as a Cluster Head of United Kingdom India Education Research Initiative, (UKIERI), and even held summits in Tokyo, Japan.Her contributions were well recognized and rewarded with many awards within India and abroad including United Nations, Indo-Russian Centre, and UNICEF.She was offered the position of Honorary Chairperson at National Progressive Schools Conference, Rajya Shikshak Award by Government of Delhi, National Teachers’ Award from the President of India Shri A P J Abdul Kalam, and many more. Later, was elected as a member of the governing body C.B.S.E. It has been more than 32 years while she is serving and sharing her vision as moderator, Head of Marking, sports committee, curriculum planner.

At Inkclick, Dr. Usha Ram will be leading as the head of academic giving her valuable insights to build a holistic and blended learning model which provides the solution to the issue of innovating education while conglomerating the best of online and offline worlds to create tailored learning adventure for students, teachers, schools, and universities.

“She is an active administrator and a dynamic leader whose efforts in education for diverse groups and national integration gave students the confidence across the nation to thrive beyond mainstream learning.” said Mr. Ankit Sanan, co-founder of Inkclick.

As part of the announcement, DR. Usha Ram shared her roadmap for the most progressive student’s network platform and said “I am very excited to be joining the Inkclick team. I believe this is an exclusive platform that brings students, teachers, mentors, schools and universities to a commonplace and is dedicated to offering an unparalleled solution to redefine learning through innovative pedagogical ways and a high level of student engagement. The most exciting fact is that It is based on the belief that a curious mind can do great wonders and it is the zeal to learn which drives knowledge to become wisdom.”

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