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The NSE listed software company in Jaipur, Innovana Thinklabs Limited, took a revolutionary step by introducing the period leave policy for its female employees who struggle on their days of period.

Innovana Thinklabs is the first software and IT company in Rajasthan to take this welcoming and compassionate move of introducing the period leave policy. With this one-of-a-kind initiative, Innovana has set a new benchmark of fostering a culture of compassion, acceptance, and kindness. Effective from 1at April 2022, all menstruating employees of Innovana would be able to avail of one day of ‘period leave’ per month.

In a company where every 1 in 4 employees is a female, Innovana Thinklabs believes that there should not be any shame or stigma attached to taking a day off when you are experiencing menstrual difficulties. Understanding and accepting the fact that females and males are born with varied biological realities, this initiative is focused on overcoming the workplace taboo.

This is not the first time this company made efforts to build inclusivity and diversity with a comfortable environment in their organization. The healthy work environment and flexible work hour policy have always attracted female as well as male employees to get on board and stay motivated towards their jobs.

The company’s Chairman and MD, Mr. Chandan Garg said in a statement, “We at Innovana Thinklabs aim to celebrate and appreciate all the strong and fearless women out there. Upholding this promise, I would like to introduce a culture that acknowledges equity at work and celebrates womanhood by bringing forward “Period Leave” in Innovana Thinklabs. Under this policy, all the female employees can avail of one leave per month, no questions asked. As a diverse organization, it is really important for all of us to acknowledge and accept the biological differences and ensure that our employees are working with their full potential.”

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