Victoria (Vix) Reitano, Founder and CEO of Agency 6B

Imagine this: a high schooler with a knack for technology, spending her afternoons building websites for lawyers and local businesses. Yes, that was Victoria Reitano, or as she’s affectionately known, Vix, nearly 20 years ago, way before ‘digital marketing’ became the buzzword it is today.

Back then, businesses were dipping their toes into the world of Google and display banners, and Vix was already riding that wave. Fast forward a bit, and she’s not just navigating the digital landscape but mastering it. Starting her career as a journalist, she learned the art of making complex ideas digestible —a skill that would later shape her approach to marketing and advertising.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that Vix took the leap from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur. Six weeks. That’s all it took for her to turn her passion for marketing and advertising into a thriving consultancy, Agency 6B. Her strategy? “Divide your network into three groups: past clients and contacts who might hire you directly, contacts who might refer someone from their network, and followers who are willing to share your work,” explains Vix.

By mid-July 2015, she was matching her six-figure salary, officially launching Agency 6B and setting the stage for her Forbes NEXT1000 Founder recognition in 2021. Reflecting on this milestone, she recalls her journey from a 27-year-old with big dreams to a recognized leader in her field.

But what’s truly inspiring about Vix’s story isn’t just her professional success—it’s her commitment to balance. She began as a single, childless professional when she set out to create a better work-life equilibrium for herself and her clients. Today, she continues to leverage the systems she created as she returns to work after giving birth to her daughter in February of 2024. And that recognition from Forbes? It’s not just a pat on the back; it’s proof that balance is achievable, even in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship.

Maximizing Brand Awareness with the LGF Framework

Let’s explore the realm of brand awareness and cash flow through the lens of Vix’s Lead Generation Funnel (LGF) Framework at Agency 6B. Picture this framework as the trusted companion, guiding businesses to harness their existing client base or network, elevating brand visibility and revenue in swift strides.

How does it operate? Well, Vix has it all figured out. She’s crafted a mix of marketing magic—think email campaigns, social media strategies, and good old-fashioned sales outreach—to uncover hidden treasures within your current client list.

But this is merely the inception. The LGF Framework extends beyond mere discovery; it’s about constructing a system to perpetuate the flow of prosperity. Through consistent feedback gathering and review collection from past patrons, Vix ensures businesses not only operate seamlessly internally but also radiate allure in the eyes of the public.

“The entire purpose of the framework is to increase brand awareness organically,” Vix elucidates. And she’s not merely paying lip service. With the LGF Framework, reconnecting with former clients becomes a breeze, freeing up resources to concentrate on delivering exemplary products and services.

Here’s the crux: this framework isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re a non-profit entity making waves at the United Nations or a fashion stalwart like Cohen’s Fashion Optical, Vix has tailored solutions for all. She customizes the LGF Framework to align with your distinct business objectives, ensuring tailored outcomes.

Moreover, Vix acknowledges the variance in bandwidth across teams. “The most important difference between working with founders and small teams versus corporate leaders and larger teams is the bandwidth each team has to put in the manual work required to complement the automation systems we implement,” she asserts. Translation? She’ll meet you where you’re at, ensuring the LGF Framework fits seamlessly into your workflow.

So, whether you’re a small startup or a corporate giant, Vix’s LGF Framework is your ticket to success. With her adaptable approach and knack for understanding your needs, she’s here to help your business grow and thrive in even the toughest markets.

Leveraging Influencer and Content Marketing for Impact

Not all brands sell products or services; some sell their ability to move their audiences to take specific actions. This is often referred to as influencer marketing, but it is also how editorial brands like magazines and news organizations generate revenue. Vix excels in this space, from influencer marketing to editorial brand strategies. She orchestrates campaigns that deeply resonate with audiences.

Take her collaboration with Out Leadership, for instance. Here, the goal wasn’t just to attract attention but to ignite a movement. By leveraging her EIC Framework — Educate, Inform, Convert — Vix crafted content that not only informed but transformed, rallying audiences to embrace educational programs and participate in newsletters and webinars.

Then there’s her partnership with the Education Commission through Gordon Brown’s office at the United Nations—a global endeavor aimed at launching a brand across multiple platforms, from social media giants like WeiBo and WeChat in China to the hallowed halls of the UN General Assembly. With a blend of paid ads, influencer partnerships (yes, even Shakira got in on the action!), and real-time engagement, Vix spearheaded a campaign that echoed the urgency of funding global education effectively.

But Vix’s prowess doesn’t stop there. At The Ad Council, she deftly wielded YouTube as a tool to amplify public service campaigns, optimizing tags and upload schedules to ensure maximum impact for each initiative. And when faced with the unprecedented challenge of producing a commercial for Cohen’s Fashion Optical amidst a pandemic, Vix rose to the occasion. “We made sure to include enough footage for future use after restrictions were lifted,” she says. This campaign aimed to increase appointment bookings despite COVID-era restrictions on brick-and-mortar businesses, showcasing Vix’s ability to adapt to challenging circumstances and deliver results.

Driving Sustainable Growth with AI and Automation

Vix’s passion lies in partnering with brands poised for expansion and organizations seeking to harness the power of AI and automation. Her mission? To pave the way for sustainable growth while ensuring a harmonious work-life equilibrium for both businesses and their employees.

“I love helping organizations figure out where AI and automation fit into their existing business,” Vix shares. And indeed, her enthusiasm is contagious. With a keen eye for efficiency and innovation, she guides businesses towards streamlined processes that enhance productivity without sacrificing the human touch.

Looking ahead, Vix’s aspirations are clear: to catalyze sustainable growth for small and medium-sized enterprises. She’s committed to effecting change through swift yet impactful transformations, driving revenue growth and market exposure while fostering more manageable internal systems for her clients.

“Marketing and advertising strategies do not have to be complicated to be effective,” Vix asserts, echoing her belief in simplicity as the cornerstone of success. Her approach is pragmatic, grounded in the belief that small, incremental changes can yield significant results.

But Vix’s vision extends beyond individual businesses; it’s about effecting widespread change. By simplifying marketing and advertising, she aims to empower businesses of all sizes to thrive in the cutthroat landscape of commerce. Through her focus on sustainable growth and efficient systems, Vix seeks to empower a new generation of leaders to navigate the complexities of the modern marketplace with confidence and resilience.

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