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Insurance claim settlement is a challenge even at normal times. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this a more complicated process. There are certain things you must know for filing your insurance claim settlement for your Covid-19 medical treatment.

It is important to know the claim settlement procedures so that you and your family members can get their medical claim from the insurance company without any hassles. In this piece, we take a look at the claim procedures for patients treated in hospital or in home care.

“During COVID19, it is always advised to approach the network hospital that comes under your insurance service provider for a cashless treatment. But in case there is a shortage of medical facilities in any of the networked hospitals and the patient is facing severity, the priority should be to start the treatment of the patient. Hence, the patient can take admission into any non-networked hospital offering required medical treatment. In the case of a non-networked hospital, the insured must inform the insurance service provider about the medical treatment and the diseases to raise a request for reimbursement later.” said Naval Goel, Founder & CEO, PolicyX.com.

Naval Goel, Founder & CEO, PolicyX.com

Information for Insurance claimer

If you notice any symptom related to covid-19, first get your test done only at government authorized labs. Insured must inform to his insurer about the nature of treatment they are undertaking. This can be under home care, quarantine, or treatment in a hospital to avoid any confusion during claim settlement.

How to file your insurance claim settlement

To make the reimbursement claim, the insured need to have a form issued by their respective insurance company to be submitted along with original medical receipts and bills. Normally, the policy provides coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses this includes ambulance charges and treatment cost. Thus, insured must ensure that they submit all documents before hospitalization and follow up treatment after discharge along with bills.

Claim for Home care treatment

Due to the second wave of covid, there is an acute shortage of medical facilities and, as a result, an extensive requirement for home care treatment is increased.

“To seek a claim for homecare treatments, it is prerequisite to inform and get approval from the respective insurance provider before avoid later confusion. These days, the medical requirements for COVID19 treatment have increased such as oxygen cylinders, concentrators and even ICU set-up is required at home as well due to the shortage of medical facilities at hospitals, the insured is also advised to confirm the coverages for different medical types of equipment are included or not as in some cases, the capital cost of the cylinder i.e. essential medical equipment, is not payable, means, the cylinder cost will not be reimbursed – only the cost of oxygen and refilling cost will be reimbursed,” says Goel.

The initiative taken by IRDAI, is good to help the customers in faster claim settlement. Customers during these trying times will have faster approvals, this will save the time spent between the insurance service provider and the hospital.

The insurance trend amongst the masses will gain their trust with the help of demonstrating the fact that insurance policies do come in support on the ground at the time of medical emergencies occurs as committed by the insurance companies.

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