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KAGAAY – A Real Estate Sales Start-up, bootstrapped with around 20 million of investment, co-founded by Ms Swapna More, is all set to establish their foot in the prop-tech segment with their India’s First Gamified Realty Sales Enablement platform, an app for IOS and android users. The app has already 5000+downloads and more than 100 reviews by now with a Google Play rating of 4.8. It has been designed and developed with two major perspectives in mind: The Fast Track Asset Liquidation Enablement for Realtors & Bankers and Right Price Asset Advantage for Investors & Buyers.

The impact of the novel Coronavirus on Indian real estate has been unprecedented. The Housing sector was in bad shape before the Covid-19 pandemic, which has only added to the troubles of the wounded industry. The projected loss to the Indian real estate sector is estimated to be 1 trillion INR by the end of the year. The second quarter of the year 2020 saw a severe blow of unprecedented scale in real estate sector in particular. Property sales declined by around 80 percent in major real estate markets of India during April and May 2020, as compared to a year before. New launches suffered a drop of 75 percent as compared to January and March 2020. However, just like other industries, the digital transformation of the real estate sector has become the need of the hour.

Foreseeing the future; KAGAAY was launched in Nov-2019. The pandemic gave more opportunity and hence turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the realtors and buyers collaborating with KAGAAY. This app is introduced in India with an agenda of benefitting the two P’s – People and Property. KAGAAY is a sales enablement platform that ditches the discovery approach and is designed to pull in sales by reaching out to the in-market audience.

Talking about the app Ms. Swapna More Co-Founder KAGAAY said that, “KAGAAY’s unique sales enable-feature helps in boosting up the property’s sales graph by roping into our gamified prop-tech platform. Our app majorly addresses two major issues prevailing in the Real Estate Sector i.e. – A large Number of Unsold Inventory & Longer Sales Life Cycle Time With a Lesser Percentage of Confirmed Sales, which is approx. 1- 6 months to close the whole deal. Leaving the top real estate developers aside, a substantial section of players in the real estate sector constantly faces these two issues and also other problems like – financial distress, lack of execution capability, an oversupply of inventory, GST complications, excessive land banking, Lack of Understanding of the demand-supply dynamics, etc which in turn affect their sales and marketing cycles.”

Other Salient feature of the app which makes KAGAAY a unique and one of its kind are:·

  • First Start-up with inbuilt facilities for providing End to End Sales Solutions to the Realty Industry
  • An interactive platform between Buyers and Sellers.
  • Quality affordable and luxury residential, commercial and land/options to the general public at the right prices.
  • 100% Digital App-based. Submission of Applications will be ‘On-Line’.

It’s a comprehensive sales engine for realty withdraws of lots, flash sales, and e-auction, the first in India.

All the sales enablement drives which include the draw of lots, flash sales, e-auction, etc. all will be conducted online by App on the system-generated selection method and there will be NO HUMAN INTERVENTION during the entire process, from application to the declaration of result.

KAGAAY’s Unique Offerings for Investors:

  • Mega Draw: The traditional draw of lots, blended with care, for the realty industry.
  • Flash Sale: The advantage of high volume sales tailor-made for high-value assets like Residential flats, commercial offices, land, and buildings.
  • E-Auction: Placed under the hammer for easier and faster liquidation for the realtors and bankers as well as price-savvy, authenticity-conscious realty investors or buyers.
  • Virtual Expo: Enhancing visibility for the assets in times where physical mobility is advised mitigation for the greater good of humankind.

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