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Bridgeweave, a UK-based fintech and parent company for InvestorAi, with a mission to make wealth development easy for everyone, partners with Goodwill Wealth Management (GWCI), which offers services in various trading and investment activities, to offer AI-generated recommendations and signals into the hands of the latter’s customers when they want or need them. The recommendations will be the stocks available to trade on the GWCI’s mobile application, making it an intelligent investing engine.  

InvestorAi acts like an AI-powered personal investment analyst, delivering premium insights powered by AI and its algorithms run over 800 million calculations daily. Its AI algorithms scan technical, fundamental and momentum data points regularly and brings fresh insights to help users make timely, more informed investing decisions. 

InvestorAi will make AI-powered insights accessible to customers of Goodwill, giving them access to high-quality investing information in real-time.  

Akshaya Bhargava, Founder and Chairman, Bridgeweave said, “We are excited to partner with Goodwill Wealth Management. At InvestorAi, we believe in enhancing user experiences through offering highly advanced algorithmic insights by using cutting-edge predictive artificial intelligence. Our aim is to empower investors and deliver in-depth insights into the hands of every investor. With Goodwill Wealth Management, we share a vision of using technology to help investors. We look forward to a great collaboration together.” 

Mr R. Baskaran, Managing Director, Goodwill Wealth Management Pvt Ltd said, “Bridgeweave-a UK based fintech with a unique offering, InvestorAi, is now a Financial Tech Partner with Goodwill to offer an efficient and intelligent investing engine and will provide highly precise guidance to traders and investors who are currently with Goodwill. This makes the investors’ task easy and reliable in wealth creation. The recommendations are based on 800 million calculations daily in equities. The users of Goodwill will benefit immensely by getting cutting-edge predictive assistance and smart and real-time analytical information for all their investments leading to an exciting experience. We hope all our customers take advantage of this power of AI to enhance their returns. We are super excited about this partnership.”

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