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With the ban of TikTok and 59 other apps in India catering short, crisp content to the users, homegrown Indian apps saw a great opportunity to bloom. However, the influencers are struggling to rebuild their fan base and compensate in the income dip as an aftermath of the aforementioned. The growth in the Indian micro-video and audio platforms is exponential. The content creation and consumption is going and growing at large, with these homegrown apps.

Video-based content is becoming the most preferred viewing format in India and with the arrival of 5G and massive bandwidth, short-format video platform and even podcast platforms are well placed to cater to this boom.

To increase user engagement and build a community platform, social media apps like Roposo, Instagram Reels, Headfone, and more, are helping users monetize their content.

So here are the 5 micro-content platforms that will not make you miss upon your daily updates and entertainment.

1. Khabri

Khabri is a Hindi podcast app on Naukri and Current Affairs, as said in its app description. The unique thing about this app is that it’s a Hindi app and secondly it allows only verified (the one which Khabri team verifies) users to make content. However, it allows everybody to consume the content but only verified people to create and share.

Since the Indian podcast industry is growing, Khabri gets on to address the regional content market. The influencers are finding a way to build a podcast community for them through Khabri, allowing the regional and homegrown brands to collaborate with them for the same. Hence, giving a regional face to a homegrown brand through platforms like this has become apt for the brand awareness and also for the influencers to use it as to compensate their dip in income.

2. ’60 Seconds? App’

Another micro-video platform from the U.S that has entered the Indian market post the ban of TikTok. ’60 Seconds? App’ is an infotainment platform that aims to allow users to discover, record, and share one-minute videos or short-format videos.

To give bait to the influencers and digital content creators, the app has launched a talent hunt in India. It aims to identify India’s most talented short-video creators across singing, dancing, comedy, business, and fashion categories. Again, this would not only give content creators another platform to share their content, rebuild a fanbase, earn money but will also act as a symbiotic relationship for the app to cater to the huge demand for the short-video content.

3. Instagram Reels

Instagram launched a short-video sharing format called ‘Reels’ to fill that TikTok sized hole in our hearts. With the gone of the Chinese app, it became really easy for the content creators to shift to Instagram and create content in the same short-video format with a little cumbersome job of rebuilding the fan base.

Existing IG influencers or digital content creators too shifted to this ‘Reels’ to attract viewers by serving them quick and crisp content.

4. Roposo

Same, same but different, another Indian video-sharing, social media platform where people share their homemade videos and photos.

Being an Indian app, it also absorbed a lot of TikTokers and other creators in such format to visually express their content.

With powerful video creation and editing tools, it allows its users to share their life, showcase their hidden talents, and voice their opinion on relevant issues in 10 different Indian languages.

Having more than 24 channels across a variety of categories such as entertainment, comedy, spirituality, devotion, music, fashion, etc., it provides users to create and consume content based on their interest and choice. The best performing content on Roposo also gets a chance to feature on InMobi’s Glance – a lock screen platform — another way for content creators to increase their reach.

5. Rooter

In Sports, Rooter is a very unique product and has built a strong moat for its business with fans and community-driven content. India’s only and biggest User Generated Content platform for Sports and Gaming. Rooter’s unique product positioning is in Live Content Technology that allows tools like Sports commentary, Live Quizzes, Mobile Game streaming etc. Rooter offers a personalized sports feed consisting of videos, images, polls etc & Scorecards in 10 Indian languages covering Cricket, Football, and multiple other sports. Rooter has witnessed 8x growth in daily users since the ban TikTok and other apps ban.

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