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India ranks second only to the US in most security threats on cloud, followed by Australia, Cannada and Brazil (according to McCafe Enterprise Advanced Threat Research Report). Cybersecurity skills demand in the country is slated to grow, reflecting the global trend of an increasing skills gap in cybersecurity and a workforce unable to meet industry demand. The eighth annual cybersecurity survey from reputed global IT association ISACA, unveiled in India today, reveals an increase in cybersecurity hiring and retention challenges in the country.

According to ISACA’s new survey report, State of Cybersecurity 2022: Global Update on Workforce Efforts, Resources and Cyber Operations, sponsored by Looking Glass Cyber Solutions, organisations are struggling more than ever with hiring and retaining qualified cybersecurity professionals and managing skills gaps. This year’s survey results in India depict that 60% of the organisations have unfilled cybersecurity positions and that 42% report their organisation’s cybersecurity team is understaffed. Even more concerning is that 59% believe that less than half of their applicants are well qualified for the position they are applying.

Hiring and retention challenges

As in past years, filling cybersecurity roles and retaining talent continues to be a challenge for many enterprises. Sixty-three percent of global respondents indicate they have unfilled cybersecurity positions and India reflects the same trend with 60% unfilled positions. Sixty-two percent of India-based respondents say it takes three to six months for their organisations to find qualified cybersecurity candidates for open positions, compared to 47% globally. For respondents in India, the top factors hiring managers use to determine whether a candidate is qualified are prior hands-on cybersecurity experience (77%), credentials (45%) and hands-on training (38%). Two in three (65%) respondents report difficulties retaining qualified cybersecurity professionals, a 14 percentage -point increase from 2021. The top reasons that India respondents believe cybersecurity professionals are leaving their jobs include:

1. Poor financial incentives in terms of salary or bonus (51%)
2. Limited promotion and development opportunities (50%)
3. Recruited by other companies (47%)
4. High work stress levels (38%)
5. Lack of management support (38%)

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