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Hirect, the chat-based direct hiring platform today, released its first-ever insight report to shed light on how the job market in India will be perceived in the coming future and decode the key survival of success in this candidate-driven market after the new normal.

Hirect is a direct hiring platform for hiring managers and entrepreneurs which was incepted when the unemployment rate shot up sharply during the nationwide lockdown in 2020. During that pressing time, the company has helped millions of job seekers to connect with start-ups directly to get jobs within a short span of time. Around 70-80 percent of well-funded start-ups are already hiring directly on the Hirect application. The direct hiring feature encourages the founders, CXO and hiring managers to build their core team without the hassle and with 100% data privacy. \\The insights report outlines the hiring trends in 2022 and reinforces the importance of adapting to changes and developing skills to stay relevant to the evolving practices. As we get back to normal times, not only have the economy and job markets experienced massive shifts but also there have been changes in people’s habits and preferences. To combat the current trend of rage quitting companies are forced to think beyond the obvious to retain employees. The survey also throws light on the job market overview across different industries.

Highlights from the report,

  • Bangalore remains in the top position with the highest number of jobs and employment created with a 17.6% proportion.
  • The job-creating sector has accounted for 26.9% of employment in sales and BD.
  • In the top 20% of the highest paid jobs,IT Engineers (with the experience of 5-10 years) are placed among the top paid Jobs with 54.2%, followed by Sales & Business Development with 20.4% of the same experience range.

Speaking on the report, Raj Das, Global Co-founder & CEO of Hirect India said, “The economy has seen a severe downturn in the past two years and it started to show a positive development trajectory, India’s hiring industry has seen quarter-on-quarter growth, with startups hiring in significant numbers and creating huge employment opportunities. At Hirect, our constant endeavour is to provide solutions that make hiring easier for startups eliminating potential threats.  Our recently released report is an effort towards bringing forward factors in the recruitment industry that is going to alter in the near future.’’

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