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Jagdish Kumar has been appointed as the director of Global Funding & Media in – charge of Khelo Masters’ Games Foundation (KMGF). Kumar is a Founder & Managing Director of Cropbite (Multiple Food Franchise) unit of MGJ restaurant.

Khelo Masters’ Games Foundation works towards promoting and encouraging mature athletes of age 30+, who are qualified as master in sports through ‘Master games’ from all over the world and organising international multi-sports events for these men and women athletes to benefit sport worldwide. The foundation gives an opportunity to these athletes and keeps the fire within them burning, revitalize their knowledge and use their expertise as a master to build strong sports future in India.

The creator, risk taker and a man full of passion (Jagdish Kumar) with 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry is a self- made entrepreneur who has been featured in 350+ media channels. He is also a hospitality and brand consultant and encourages businesses to grow even more. As an entrepreneur and a communication specialist Jagdish Kumar is well versed in the techniques of developing a business.

In the congratulatory letter to Jagdish Kumar, Shealendera Singh, the General Secretary of KMGF said that Kumar will be responsible for the activities of KMGF Sports and his role will be to work towards the development of KMGF. Shealendera Singh welcomed Kumar to the KMGF family and concluded the letter by wishing Jagdish Kumar luck for the future.

Khelo Masters’ Games Foundation also have upcoming events for the masters (athletes of age 30+) as they always aspire to promote sport for all and support athletic movement. And Jagdish Kumar strives to work towards fulfilling his slogan “Karega Bharat Tabhi Toh Badega Bharat” as he looks forward to help KMGF Sports to flourish and prosper in every way possible.

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