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Jigsaw (a UNext company), one of India’s leading technology skilling platforms, has launched PG certificate programs in Full Stack Development, Cyber Security, Data Science & Machine Learning. Fresh graduates, early-career professionals, and those seeking to change their career trajectory can enroll in the courses.

The programs will be offered on Jigsaw’s learning platforms and guarantee 100% placement upon completion. These courses also include a holistic curriculum (10 hours of learning per week) taught by industry mentors to polish learners into job-ready individuals who will assist them in their future endeavors. Learners will receive postgraduate certification in Full-Stack Development, Cyber Security, Data Science & Machine Learning as part of the curriculum, which includes the concept, hands-on assignments, and real-world case studies (the ‘why’, ‘what’ & ‘how’ of a technology solution).

While talking about the new initiatives, Chief Business Officer of UNext, Gaurav Vohra, said, “The demand for online learning and job-centric upskilling is expected to further increase in 2022 as emerging technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, and Full Stack Development take the center stage, creating newer and better job opportunities for those looking at reskilling. The increased interest, even in the non-metro cities in India, is an indicator of how geographical barriers are also being broken when it comes to mastering newer technologies. As businesses across industries and sectors are preparing for the future of work, top Indian IT firms like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, etc., are also investing heavily in reskilling their workforce to better adapt to technology advancements and are hiring niche talent for the ever-changing technological landscape. Our newly launched robust online programs offer carefully curated curricula and pedagogy to cater to the corporates and start-ups’ unique requirements while helping learners meet the specific knowledge gaps and aid them in becoming experts in the chosen domain.”

In recent years, Full Stack Developer has been one of the most in-demand skill sets. The Postgraduate Certificate Program in Full Stack Development is the only Full Stack Development program that provides 9 months of Weekend Online Live Instructor-Led training on Java Full Stack technologies and a Capstone Project.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinay Konanur, Head of Emerging Technologies (Academics & Operations) at UNext, said, “As the job market gets increasingly competitive and complex in the 21st-century workplace, aspiring learners can explore the various roles available to them in the industry post completion of the program. These roles include Developer, Software Analyst, Software Engineer, Full Stack Developer, and many more. Thus, the program comprises multiple projects, case studies, industry sessions with experts, and batch immersion. The program is available from anywhere in India or the world and is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in Full Stack Development.”

The evolving cybersecurity domain is creating a growing skill gap in the industry. The 8-month weekend online Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cybersecurity is designed for learners to further strengthen their domain knowledge by enhancing their skills. As the Employment of Information Security Analysts is projected to grow 33% from 2020 to 2030, the program seeks to empower aspiring professionals in the sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Technical Head of UNext, Swarnalatha Devarakonda, said, “Since there is a need for Cybersecurity professionals in the nation, Jigsaw’s newly launched PG Certificate program in Cybersecurity will help learners prepare for the highly sought-after skills which will help the learners to develop, evaluate, implement and manage Cyber security solutions for complex systems based on industry-accepted standards. Aspiring learners will be able to develop knowledge of contemporary cybersecurity issues, use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for computer security engineering practices. They will understand professional and ethical responsibilities with effective learning”.

Learning to harness data to drive business is one of the most sought-after skills in the twenty-first century. Through Jigsaw’s 8-month-long (Live Online sessions on Weekends) Postgraduate Certificate program, learners can master Data Visualization, Statistical Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks. The program will also enable the participants to implement Machine Learning techniques using Python as the programming language and SQL for data and other relevant tools and techniques.

“A career in Data Science and Machine Learning can be categorized as the hottest job of the 21st century. With the demand and dependency on data-driven decision-making increasing every day, advanced data handling tools and proficiency in Data Science & Machine Learning skills are witnessing a sky-high interest. A PG course in DSML will kick start a Data Science career and help transform young professionals into Data Experts,” said Chandrika R Bhargava, Program Director for PG Certificate Program in DSML at Jigsaw.

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