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To strengthen the Government’s initiatives in its fight against Coronavirus, JK Organisation has pledged Rs 10 Cr for the fight against Covid-19. While a large part of the fund will go to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund in fighting Covid19, the rest will be utilised in meeting the immediate needs of communities and migrant labour, currently underway, at several locations across the country.

The relief work which has been undertaken by the member companies – JK Tyre, JK Paper, JK Lakshmi Cement, JK Fenner and others – are going on for quite some time at several places, includes distribution of food, drinking water, masks, sanitisers, safety kits for various front line workers of health and sanitation departments, creation of isolation wards etc.

In addition, the group is constantly looking at ways to plug the shortfall of masks, protective gears, sanitisers and other items of necessity at the community level.  JK Organisation is also supporting government officials, police department and government hospital employees with packed food and drinking water with the help of NGO’s. The organization has also been supporting the district health department by providing ambulance, safety materials, masks, soaps, hand gloves to sanitary workers in municipal corporations.  

In more than 150 villages around JK Organisation’s plant across several states, the company has educated people about COVID-19 through public address systems, door-to-door visits, banners and posters at prominent locations. The organization has also undertaken fumigation drives in such locations. More than 20,000 masks and sanitizers in the villages have also been distributed in its fight against coronavirus. The organization has also set up 50 medical camps in several villages to check for symptoms. Awareness sessions were also conducted for nearly 5,000 truck drivers, suppliers and other vendors, and provided with masks as well as sanitizers.

An Apex Team (Covid Core Group), which includes all Directors, CEOs/CXOs have been reviewing the situation regularly and ensuring all actions are being implemented in a timely manner.   

Commenting on the situation, Shri Bharat Hari Singhania President JK Organisation, said, “Integral to our philosophy of making a substantive impact on the ground and working for the needy, we have been fighting the battle at several fronts by supporting the communities, helping migrant labours and our own employees’ families residing at our plant townships.”

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