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The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed chaos across the globe, and as most of the organizations across are planning to resume their workplaces the need of the hour is an intelligent surveillance system that can monitor not just the peoples’ movements, but also identify overcrowded places. Hence, Social Distancing Radar is one of JKT’s smart artificial intelligence solution that integrates with the existing surveillance system to monitor the movement of the people in a particular area or regulate whether the place is overcrowded with features like, type of social distancing violations, violation history, contact tracing, person identification, mask-detection, etc.

To make the solution user-friendly, the Social Distancing Radar comes with an analytical dashboard that provides insights such as live AI-enabled feed, history of violations this can be filtered out based on in a day, month, or a particular date range, detect the type of violations, violations details, contact tracing, and raise an alert if any violation is observed. The collected information can further be used to analyze the nature, frequency and user traffic. Since social distancing radar is integrated with the existing surveillance system through live CCTV camera feed so it does not demand any further modification in the existing building infrastructure.

Commenting on the effectiveness of this revolutionary system, Mr Ankur Gupta, Technical- Architect-Digital, JK Technosoft said, “Social Distancing Radar is aimed at helping businesses reboot their business operations using a monitoring system that guarantees a safe and protected environment through an easy plug and play system that can extract data from sources like CCTV camera feeds to continuously monitor user movements, number of people present at a place like conference rooms, common areas like canteen, office cubicles, etc., contact tracing and raise the alarm if needed”.

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