Tanya Swetta, Ceo & Co-Founder, id8 Media Solutions

Tanya is the Co-Founder and CEO of id8 media solutions, an Integrated Marketing Agency with 19+ years of experience. Founded in the year 2001, id8 media solutions contexted its journey with Tanya Swetta (at the age of 21) at the helm as a Public Relations Agency. Accomplished, professional, and modest, Tanya is the key ideator who started building her empire at the young age of 21! She has been featured in some of the top Fortune magazines for her successful ventures and believes that there are no shortcuts to success. Jointly leading a team of 60 intellects, Tanya has been instrumental in co-creating sound and robust marketing strategies for some of the most iconic brands in the industry such as Jimmy Choo, GiveIndia, Provogue, JW Marriott, Bestseller India, Lucaris Crystal, Marks & Spencer, Di Bella Coffee, SS Homme, Grand Hyatt Goa, Coach, Satya Paul, Tommy Hilfiger, Social, Smoke House Deli, Bandra Project, Runway Project, Berleigh Luxury, Lindstrom India, Leena Mogre, Pooja Makhija and many more.


Success is a transient being, there are ups and downs. Failures are often, but as you grow and mature in your field of expertise you realize that these are transitional phases. What lasts is the support you receive from your better half. They don’t call them your better half for anything right? My husband Aman and myself are both serial entrepreneurs, he is a visionary when it comes to all things regarding our business and I believe that I am the operational and go-to person, in that way we complement each other really well.

It’s been 13 years of marriage plus business partnership and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for having such a loving, caring, and completely hands-on partner, both in work and my personal life. By joining hands together with the vision and operational expertise, our business traveled to the overseas market as well.

Earlier the business industry was considered male-oriented but in the 21st century, women entrepreneurs have made a difference by excelling in different sectors of business. Businesses have realized the importance a woman brings to shape the workplace and its culture to give the taste of success to stand out in the competitive market. Empowering women has been the recent topic of interest in the industry because of the difference a women entrepreneur brings to the table for the business ecosystem. Although the active contribution from a male can be provided by being a supportive family member at home and encouraging and uplifting their female employees at their workplace. Women have come a long way from having to break the glass ceiling to take important decisions at executive positions. Success stories of women have been exceptional in developing different sectors with women proving their skills in different fields of their expertise. According to Forbes, women-led businesses grew from 14% to 21% in 2019. With the introduction of the startup culture, the higher-level positions are even acquired by women entrepreneurs driving the business to success. 

The 21st century has seen women representing the economic power of the country by excelling in major fields and being phenomenal to reach the global level. Women entrepreneurs have significantly influenced the social and economic demographics of the country. According to a report by the Indian brand equity foundation, 20.37% of women are MSME owners as of January 2022, which is excellent data to rejoice for the success of women across the globe. As women, we have the skill of being more adept at multitasking and using our intuition to guide us, this has held me in good stead. With equal expertise from Aman and I, id8 has grown to be a global success. As with the right support, women can celebrate their success and live up to their full potential.

 Stereotypically, it’s always the woman who is perceived to be the one that does all the household chores, manages the kids, and also the larger family. As the CEO of my company, my role is hectic, dynamic and I am on the job literally all the time, I could not have grown to these heights of success without his support, be it in the form of taking on cooking the dinner, putting the kids to bed, doing the laundry and even washing the dishes. He is my strongest supporter when it comes to any decision I make, even if the whole world does not believe in it. He is also my strongest critic, and I truly appreciate this aspect of his personality. Everyone needs a mirror, to show them the truth, steer them towards the correct path, and I am blessed to have found this in my life and business partner. The women-led industry comprises a lot of advantages, opportunities, and challenges which go beyond a diverse workforce in order to foster creativity and innovation.

Men by nature are a physically stronger counterpart of the more feminine woman, they are also at an advantage in all global boardrooms by just being men. As men slowly recognize the value that a woman can bring into their business and personal lives, they too can take a cue from men like Aman who help women bloom and prosper in their lives. And the beauty of it all is, that when they do so, they will receive immense blessings and gifts in the form of prosperity, personal and professional growth. Givers gain!

According to my experience, it’s the journey that makes the final destination, and doing it whilst giving.

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