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JPIN, a leading global startup investment bank, has raised over $10 million as well as invested its own capital in 30+ UK-India cross-border deals for startups including TSLC, Chingari, Instoried, Expertrons, Conigital, and CreditEnable to name a few. The company has already made significant investments in over twenty-eight firms to help them scale globally, which otherwise might struggle in their expansion journeys and hence lose a substantial amount of money. Throughout the year, JPIN has also co- invested with other marquee investors like Apollo Hospitals, Blume Ventures, Amazon, Symphony International Holdings, Ivycap Ventures, Onmobile, IAN Holdings, Inflection Point Ventures, LetsVenture, Artha Ventures, Riso Capital, GVFL, Kartik Garg – The Modern Nomad, and DC Capital Ventures, enabling startups to get timely access to funds to kickstart and scale up their operations.

Nayan Gala, Co-founder of JPIN, said, “Startups face challenges attracting international investments, and many are still not global in their mindset. With our UK-India cross-border deals, we have successfully assisted several businesses with consolidation, overseas expansion, and diversification, redefining the concept of startup financing. Furthermore, we enable investment into as early as seed- stage opportunities and subsequently aid entrepreneurs and investors in accessing suitable capital from pre-Series A to IPO rounds, all through the large, trusted JPIN network of investors.”

Gaurav Singh, Co-founder of JPIN, said, “A startup is often exposed to about 7 to 10 different fund- raising partners and investment bankers over its journey, limiting the conversation to that transactional round and making it less long-term and strategic. We are addressing this problem by partnering with several startup ecosystems and entrepreneurs globally to build the largest startup investment bank helping businesses unlock their true potential to reach that unicorn and decacorn status.”

JPIN follows a sector-agnostic approach and is unique in its way of blending financial capital and strategic consulting to help startups mindfully plan and strategise their way to become global giants. With access to a global network of leading experts and partnerships with Tier 1-3 banks, Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, UHNWIs, HNIs, Family Offices, Venture Capitalists, and Private Equity firms, the company assists businesses to achieve the desired vision more effectively.

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