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Jumpy Rabbit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. today launched its community wise peer-to-peer sharing platform – StanShare. It’s a one stop shop for users to list/buy new and pre-owned products from other individuals & businesses registered on the platform. StanShare, is not only a marketplace for products but also of services, where users can engage & transact with professionals – ranging from doctors, teachers, yoga instructors, electricians, plumbers, househelps & many others by a click of a button. The StanShare platform promotes ‘Asset Optimization’ & encourages users to share sparingly used products either by putting them on rent or by offering them as charity to the needy.

With StanShare, businesses & individuals have an opportunity to list their products & services without paying any upfront charges or fees. It is a unique platform in the market as business owners can have an online presence with minimalistic expenditure & offers a ZERO cost business model for individuals since no commissions are charged from them.

The Founder & CEO of Jumpy Rabbit Technologies Pvt Ltd., Mr. Abhijit Ghosh stated “It’s a platform to create a level playing field for those who have been left behind due to the digital onslaught & feel helpless in taking their business forward in the current pandemic crisis. As a company, our objective is to support people in these tough times & get them onboard – providing them a cheaper & reliable avenue to enhance their income.”

The StanShare platform also has its heart in the right place as it is of the firm belief of ‘Giving back to the Society’. The Founder & CEO, Mr. Abhijit Ghosh said “There are other aspects of the platform like Sharing & Asset Optimization which are at the core of the company’s vision. With the current crisis making our lives turn upside down, we as a community need to prioritize how we can give back to the society. Sharing of products & services at a community level, leads to optimization of assets & is also light on the pocket. With cheap & increasing penetration of internet In India, an online ecosystem of sharing products & services within the community & with our underprivileged brothers & sisters can go a long way towards improving people’s lives & protecting any further deterioration of the environment.”

The StanShare Platform is available on website at https://www.stanshare.com .You can also download the StanShare App from Google Play Store for Android Devices & from Apple Play Store for IOS devices.

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