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New Delhi, 20th October 2021: Amo Mobility, a brand creating reliable, sustainable, and affordable e-mobility solutions in India, recently launched an ad campaign, ‘Karle Raho Se Yaariyan’.The campaign is aimed at building widespread awareness with the continuous effort for an e-mobility solution and entire vision is of shifting the paradigm from e-mobility to mass mobility.

Rampant deforestation is leading to global warming, loss of flora and fauna, and increasing pollution. Therefore, in the wake of a looming environmental crisis, the need is to take immediate and stringent measures. Keeping this in mind, “AMO ELECTRIC BIKES” has developed this campaign, to convey a strong message about deforestation focussed specially on younger generation to start thinking on preserving nature and develop the legacy going forward. Amo’s campaign clearly says people to join this revolution to triumph over unsustainable energy.

AMO’s 1-minute long (also in 30 sec & 15 Sec) video campaign delivers its message through a narrative where many young AMO riders form a barricade stopping the authorities from cutting the trees of an area.

The video further narrates how AMO e-scooters allow riders/bikers (of all ages) to choose a path designed with style and character, accompanied by unstoppable energy. In fact, there is a way to travel conveniently without even harming the environment and the younger generation must try and work towards rising of e-mobility solutions.

Established in 2018, AMO Mobility is relentlessly working towards achieving its vision to convert/expand e-mobility into mass mobility. And in their endeavors to do so, the brand is committed to providing high-tech, stylish e-scooters that are extremely enjoyable to ride.

This festive season, the EV industry is expected to grow by 700% as compared to LY.

Ensuring that all its consumers always have the joy of riding e-scooters, Amo Mobility has launched a wide range of e-bikes/scooters named Jaunty, Inspirer, and so on for each segment of customers.

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